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Subdivisions of papers in this section.

16. Public works expenditure: 10 Sep. 1869 - 13 Apr. 1870. 11 items.
Expenditure of Public Works Department, presentation of budget estimates for works, and defence of Mayo's management of the Department.

17. Canals, bridges, commissions to engineers: 20 Nov. 1868 - 17 Nov. 1871. 22 items.
Progress of work on the Godavery canal; proposed purchase of Suez canal, its condition and maintenance, and possible acquisition of the equipment used in its construction; proposed bridges at Attock and Calcutta; prohibition on payment of monetary commissions to Public Works Officers.

18. Railway construction: 22 Jan. 1869 - 24 Jan. 1872. 18 items.
Construction expenditure; general surveys of construction programme; progress and problems in construction of particular lines.

19. Railway gauges: 13 Mar. 1867 - 27 Oct. 1871. 26 items.
Choice of a gauge for tracks to be constructed by government.

20. Government support for railways: 27 Aug. 1869 - 2 July 1870. 16 items.
Correspondence with railway companies on changes to system of government support and control.

21. Railways: technical and managerial: 2 Nov. 1868 - 9 Jan. 1872. 13 items.
Suggestions and advice on policy and technical matters; management questions; proposed Euphrates valley railway, including enquiry on investment.

22. Railway ceremonies: 4 Mar. - 17 Sep. 1870. 5 items. Ceremonies in connection with railway construction, including speeches by Mayo and others.

23. Telegraphs: 8 Dec. 1868 - 21 July 1871. 39 items.
Finance, management and construction of telegraphs; arrangements with railway companies; proposed alternative undersea cable routes; exchanges of telegrams to celebrate completion of direct connection to Britain; criticism of telegraph construction management.

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