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The number of books published by Cooke in his lifetime is not large (though The Language of Music is, of course, a classic in its field). Other works, however, were planned: Cooke appears at various times to have agreed to write full-scale studies of Delius, Vaughan Williams, and Wagner's Der Ring des Nibelungen; but little exists in the Archive that can be considered material for the first two projects --; and the third, a long way from completion at the time of his death, was published posthumously as a fragment (See I Saw the World End, below). Cooke is known to have written an entire chapter for Vol. 10 of The Oxford History of Music which, following a dispute, was not used.

  • The Language of Music (OUP, 1959) [Item held in the UL as M824.c.95.6]
  • Gustav Mahler (1860-1911): A Companion to the BBC's Celebrations of the Centenary of his Birth (BBC, 1960) [Item held in the UL as M515.c.95.149]
  • ‘Chorus and Symphony: Liszt, Mahler, and After’: Chapter 14 of Choral Music: A Symposium, ed. Arthur Jacobs (Penguin, 1963) [Item held in the UL as M696.d.95.2]
  • 'Anton Bruckner (1824-96)', in The Symphony, Vol. 1: Haydn to Dvořàk, ed. R. Simpson (Penguin, 1966) [Item held in the UL as M674.d.95.14]
  • Rudolph Reti: Thematic Patterns in Sonatas of Beethoven, ed. Deryck Cooke (Faber, 1967) [Item held in the UL as M616.c.95.29]


  • 'Wagner's Musical Language': Chapter 7 of The Wagner Companion, ed. Peter Burbidge and Richard Sutton (Faber, 1979) [Item held in the UL as M520.c.95.270]
  • I Saw the World End: A Study of Wagner's ‘Ring’, ed. Colin Matthews (unfinished text of 360pp.; Clarendon Press, 1979) [Item held in the UL as M706.d.95.20]
  • Gustav Mahler: An Introduction to His Music (includes opening essay from Gustav Mahler (1860-1911), above; remaining text assembled from Cooke's programme notes and articles), ed. Colin and David Matthews; Faber, 1980) [Item held in the UL as M515.c.95.149]
  • Vindications: Essays on Romantic Music; with a memoir of the author by Bryan Magee (posthumous collection of essays and broadcast scripts; Faber, 1982; repr. 2008) [Item held in the UL as M487.c.95.16]
  • 'Anton Bruckner': chapter in Late Romantic Masters, ed. Stanley Sadie (part of the 'Composer Biography Series' of off-prints from The New Grove Dictionary of Music and Musicians (1980); Macmillan, 1985) [Item held in the UL as M477.d.03.23]


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