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Programme notes for and articles on the works of Roberto Gerhard by himself

There are only a few of these in the archive - including proof copies and photocopies of programmes (which may be in the Programme collection too!). The are arranged in alphabetical order of musical title.

Gerhard, Roberto
  [Concertos, harpsichord]
Concerto for harpsichord, string orchestra and percussion / Roberto Gerhard.
Programme note for Concert programme: Queen Elizabeth Hall, 3 March 1958. 
Material: 2 leaves (galley proof)
Text incipit: 'This concerto was commissioned by Philomusica of London. ...”
Performers: Thurston Dart (harpsichord), John Cave (percussion)
Published programme in Gerhard programmes box 1.

Gerhard, Roberto
  [Concertos, harpsichord]
Concerto for harpsichord, string orchestra and percussion [soloist] Raphael Puyana / R.G.
Programme note for Concert programme: Queen Elizabeth Hall, 16 March 1968. 
Material: 1 leaf (galley proof)
Text incipit: 'The 'Concerto for Harpsichord', strings, and percussion was composed ...'
Performers: Raphael Puyana.
Notes: “27th Feb 1956 / Diary – Harp. Concerto II started” -- note in re biro in Poldi Gerhard's handwriting. 
Published programme in Gerhard programmes box 1, marked: “Concert cancelled, Puyana taken ill”

Gerhard, Roberto
  [Concertos, orchestra]
Concerto for orchestra: Roberto Gerhard, born 1896 (first performance at a Henry Wood Promenade Concert) / R.G.
Programme note for: Henry Wood Promenade Concert programme, 12 August 1966.
Material: Photocopy
Text incipit: 'The classical concerto form was designed to give the outstanding ...'
Published programme in Gerhard programmes box 1.

Gerhard, Roberto
& Drew, David
[Don Quixote]
Don Quixote
Published in: 'Decca Book of Ballet', edited by David Drew, London: Frederick Muller, c1958, p. 152-156
Material: photocopy of printed edition.
First line of text: 'Gerhard has written five ballet scores ...' (David Drew introduction)
First line of text: ‘'Don Quixote ... The curtain rises as a fanfare-like ...'
Notes: With introductory biography of Roberto Gerhard by David Drew (p. 152-153). With musical examples
Keywords: Act Drop -- leitmotiv

Gerhard, Roberto 
& Carner, Mosco
The Plague, for speaker, chorus and orchestra: programme notes / by Roberto Gerhard and Mosco Carner
Programme note for first performance at the Royal Festival Hall on 1 April 1964.
Material: 4 leaves (galley proof)
Text incipit: 'With 'The Plague' Camus gave us a parable that ...'
Notes: Includes 'The Plague' text in English
Published programme in Gerhard programmes box 3.

The Plague / by Roberto Gerhard
Published in:  'Musical events', vol. 19, no. 4 (April 1964), p. 6-7.
Material: printed copies (2) curt from publication.
Text incipit: ‘It is as reasonable to represent one kind of imprisonment ...’
Notes: Before the title: Composer's Forum -- with portrait (BBC photograph).

Gerhard, Roberto
The Plague / by Roberto Gerhard - Roberto Gerhard's new work will be broadcast at 8 p.m. on Wednesday, April 1 (Third Programme)
Published in:  'The Listener' (26 March 1964), p. 533
Material: Printed copy (page from original copy of Listener)
Text incipit: 'Camus novel 'The Plague' took my imagination by storm when I first ...'
Keywords: Collages (Symphonies, no. 3) -- indeterminate pitch -- melodrama -- conte philosophique -- timeless

Gerhard, Roberto
The Plague: Roberto Gerherd [sic] introduces his new work
Published in: Radio times, ?27 March – 3 April 1964.
Material: newspaper cutting (2 copies)
Text incipit: 'Based on the novel by Albert Camus, 'The Plague' is written ...'

Gerhard, Roberto
  [Symphonies, no. 1]
Gerhard's First Symphony: the composer writes
Published in: Radio times, [March 1964] - on the day of its broadcast, shortly before the broadcast of the Plague on Wednesday 1 April 1964
Material: newspaper cutting
Text incipit: 'When I composed my First Symphony (in 1952-53) I was concerned ...'

Gerhard, Roberto
  [Symphonies, no. 2]
Symphony no. 2, Roberto Gerhard (Commissioned by the BBC. First performance) / note by the composer
Programme note for the first performance: Royal Festival Hall, Wednesday 27th November 1959.
Material: pages 6-8 removed from printed copy
Text incipit: 'The symphony is in one continuous movement, but the main ...'
Performers: B.B.C. Symphony Orchestra, Rudolf Schwartz, conductor.
Keywords: palindrome -- scoreless listener in actual audition -- raison d'être of my activity as a composer.
Notes: with photograph by Sidney Smith of 1946 (MS.Gerhard.21.63)
Published programme in Gerhard programmes box 3.

Gerhard, Roberto
  [Symphonies, no. 2]
Roberto Gerhard's Symphony
Published in: 'Radio times' (23 October 1959), p. 9
Material: newspaper cutting (3 copies)
Text incipit: 'The symphony was finished just a month ago.'
Related organisation: BBC Symphony Orchestra
Keywords: destination -- communication -- Chinese and/or Korean Blocks
Notes: with photograph by the BBC (Not in Gerhard archive), but see MS.MS.Gerhard.41 – “This was the only time there was ever a photo in the Radio times, and o Lord what a bad one they chose” – note by Poldi in biro.