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Sacred and secular with orchestra

Festival Te Deum, A SATB, orchestra 1950  
Miracle of Bethlehem, A (James Elroy Flecker) Soli, chorus, orch 1930? Unfinished
Spring cantata MezzoS, SATB, Orch, pf 1955  

Sacred – Services

Festival Te Deum, A SATB org 1950 (originally with orchestra)
Magnificat & Nunc dimittis (Short service) SATB org 1967  
Te Deum & Jubilate in C SATB org 1953  

Sacred  – Anthems, carols and hymns

Carol for Christmas, A (Blest are you, Lord our God) SSAATTB 2001  
Come and let yourselves be built SATB, org 1961  
I was glad SATB 1955  
Jesu, sweet son dear (The virgin's song) SATB 1934 Revised for publication in 1989
Laudate Dominum SATB SATB 1939  
Lochwinnoch (From glory to glory advancing) Hymn tune 1968 Church hymnary no. 325
Make a joyful noise unto the Lord SS org 1969  
O God, ruler of the world SATB org 1982  
O gracious light SATB 1999  
Prayer to the Trinity (Trinity blessed, deity coequal) SATB 1938 Revised for publication in 1986
Sing aloud unto God SATB org 1968  
Songs of Zion : four psalms
  1. Be gracious to me, O God : Ps. 51
  2. By the rivers of Babylon : Ps. 137
  3. Sing to the Lord a new song : from Ps. 149 & 150
  4. Blessed be the Lord God : Ps. 72)
SATB divisi 1978  
They that put their trust into the Lord SATB 1946  
Thou art my life; if thou but turn away (Songs of praise, no. 670) Hymn tune 1936 Unpublished hymn tune. Metre: 10.10.10.

Secular with piano or unaccompanied

Colin's cattle SATB 1956  
Come let's be merry V, SATB, pf 194-? Melody and words from Musical miscellany (1709), v. 4, p. 120; arr. R.O.
Folk song settings for female voices
  1. The piper o' Dundee
  2. I'll bid my heart be still (Thomas Pringle)
  3. At the mid hour of night (Moore)
  4. The little red lark (A.P. Graves)
  5. Loch Lomond
SSA 1931 Dated 1932 in "Compositions."
Freedom (Mary Webb) SSAA (pf) 1930 Not for performance or publication
Of Pan we sing SABar solo, chorus, piano 1935 Not for performance or publication
Pig Club anthem (This little pig went to market): set to the tune of 'Goshen', or 'Summer suns are glowing' by Robin Orr, Keeper of the Pig's Music, 1955 Unison 1955 For the Pig Club (St. John’s College)
Wise man and his pig, A AATTBB 1996 For the Pig Club (St. John’s College)