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All holograph manuscript are in the Cambridge Universtiy Library, except where noted. Full details may be found in the online catalogues LibrarySearch and Newton.

Divertimento for chamber orchestra  
  1*.1.1.sax.1 - - timp,perc, strings 1938 holograph  
Italian overture - - strings, harpsichord 1952 holograph Original version for chamber ensemble - - strings, harpsichord 1960 copyist Orchestral version with horns.
Music for a children's play: Suite - - strings 1934 holograph Not for performance or publication
Pastoral - - strings 1929 holograph Not for performance or publication
Pieces for strings, Two  (Rather slowly; Allegro)
  Strings 1930-1932 holograph Score
  Unpublished 1930-1932 copyist Parts
Prelude & fugue for string quartet: version for string orchestra
  Strings 1948? holograph St John's College Library
Prospect of Whitby : overture - - strings, timp, perc. 1948 holograph Full score. two copies, one marked "Working score", the other from Hinrichsen hire library.
  Publisher: Hinrichsen (for hire only)      
Rhapsody for string orchestra
  Strings 1956 holograph MISSING
    1956+ (holograph) Score: "Transparencies of score [in mirror image] from original MS. R.O." & dyeline print, prepared by Hinrichsen for their hire library
  Publisher: Anglo American 1982 printed Computer setting of score and parts. Published by Anglo American
Sinfonietta Helvetica
    1990 holograph Score + sketches
Symphony  no. 1 (Symphony in one movement)
  2.picc.2.2.2 - - timp, perc(3), piano, strings 1963 holograph Completed pencil sketch, etc.
  Duration: 18 minutes 1955 printed Published by Bayley & Ferguson
  Published by Bayley & Ferguson      
Symphony no. 2
  2.picc.2.2.2. - - timp, perc, celeste, harp, strings. 1970 holograph Transparencies + dyeline prints
  Unpublished   copyist Parts (from SNO)
Symphony no. 3
  2.picc.2.2.2 - - timp, perc(3), celeste, harp, strings 1978 holograph Full score and pencil draft
  Unpublished   copysit Parts probably in BBC Music Library