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This list also includes locations for manuscripts, with shelf numbers where known, and shelf numbers for printed editions in the Cambrdige Universtiy Library. For full descriptions see the online catalogue (Newton or Library Search)

"Date 1" is that of composition, "Date 2" is that of the manuscript or edition where different from that of composition.

In the late 1970's Robin Orr compiled a "Record of compositions" in chronological order (now MS.Add.9083.nn) in which he noted details of each work, the medium of performance, duration, lists performances and recordings, and details of publication and changes in copyright assignation. Not all his works are included in this volume.

The instruction "Not for performance or publication" is derived either from the manuscript itself, the "Record of compositions" or the folder inwhich the manuscript was found. The executors of the estate may or may not wish to countermand that instruction.


Date 1 Title Class Medium notes Material Publisher Date 2 Location
1927 Lake Isle of Innisfree (Yeats) Vocal V, pf Not for performance or publication holograph     MS.Add.9803.32
1927 Pastoral Orchestral Not for performance or publication holograph     MS.Add.9803.64
1928 Fear (Walter de la Mare) Vocal V, ob, bn, strings Not for performance or publication holograph     MS.Add.9803.28/1-2
      V, pf Vocal score holograph     MS.Add.9803.28/3
1928 Rainbow, The (Walter de la Mare) Vocal V, pf   holograph   1936 MS.Add.9803.33
1928? Pleasure it is Vocal V, pf Performed 7/1/1931 in Brechin       MISSING
1928? To his dear God (Herrick?) Vocal V, pf Performed 7/1/1931 in Brechin       MISSING
1929 Come, Sleep (John Fletcher) Vocal V, pf/str 4tet In A minor. Piano acc. Not for performance or publication holograph   1929 MS.Add.9803.35/1
      V, pf/str 4tet In G minor. "Revised 1933 ; piano accompaniment transcribed from that for string quartet" holograph   1933 MS.Add.9803.35/2
1929 Hebridean songs, Two Vocal V, pf revised version holograph   1929 MS.Add.9803.34
  1. I-mo-chree (Iona)
  2. Saint Colomba's home-sailing & Alleluia
1929 Songs of innocence, Three (Blake) Vocal V, str 4tet Full score holograph   1929? National Library of Scotland (presented in 1991)
  1. Infant joy
  2. The lamb
  3. The shepherd.
      V, str 4tet String parts holograph?   1932 MS.Add.9803.39/9
      V, str 4tet String parts copyist   1932 MS.Add.9803.39/10-12
      V, pf Vocal score holograph   1932 National Library of Scotland (presented in 1969)
      V, pf Vocal score. Photocopy of the NLS manucript photocopy   1932 MS.Add.9803.39/7-8
      V, pf

Vocal score. 3 separate manuscript, 2 copies of each.


holograph   1932 MS.Add.9803.39/1-3 & 4-6
1930 Fairy-led (Mary Webb) Vocal V, pf Revised 1936. Not for performance or publication holograph   1936 MS.Add.9803.38/1
      V, pf Ms dated 1931 & 1936 holograph   1936 MS.Add.9803.38/2
1930 Freedom (Mary Webb) Choral SSAA (pf) Not for performance or publication holograph     MS.Add.9803.22
1930 I love the jocund dance (Blake) Vocal V, pf Not for performance or publication holograph   1937 MS.Add.9803.37
1930 Miracle of Bethlehem, A (James Elroy Flecker) Opera   Unfinished. With a ms. Libretto. holograph     MS.Add.9803.2
1930 Snowdrop time (Mary Webb) Vocal V, fl, ob, str 4tet Not for performance or publication holograph     MS.Add.9803.36/1
    Vocal V, pf Originally with flute, oboe and string quartet.  holograph   1933 MS.Add.9803.36/2
1931 Folk song settings for female voices Choral SSA Dated 1932 in "Record of compositions."  holograph     MS.Add.9803.23/1
  1. The piper o' Dundee
  2. I'll bid my heart be still (Thomas Pringle)
  3. At the mid hour of night (Moore)
  4. The little red lark (A.P. Graves)
  5. Loch Lomond
          holograph     MS.Add.9803.23/2
1932 Fugue in C for recorder & virginals Instrumental rec, hpsc Not for performance or publication holograph     MS.Add.9803.94
1932 Pieces for strings, Two (Rather slowly; Allegro) Orchestral Strings Not for performance or publication holograph     MS.Add.9803.65/1
        Parts copyist     MS.Add.9803.65/2
1932 Prelude for piano (Allegro) Instrumental pf Not for performance or publication holograph     MS.Add.9803.83
1933 Canon for treble & tenor recorders with bass Chamber-wind 2rec, b Not for performance or publication holograph      MS.Add.9803.71
1933 Sonata for viola and piano (1933) Instrumental vla, pf Not for performance or publication holograph     MS.Add.9803.90/1
          copyist     MS.Add.9803.90/2
1934 As I was a'wand'ring one morning in spring (Burns) Vocal V, pf Not for performance or publication holograph     MS.Add.9803.40/1
1934         holograph     MS.Add.9803.40/2
1934 Jesu, sweet son dear (The virgin's song) Choral SATB   holograph     MS.Add.9803.11/1
        On transparencies holograph   197- MS.Add.9803.11/2
        Revised holograph   1989 MS.Add.9803.11/3
          published Paraclete Press 1990 MRS.
1934 Music for a children's play: Suite Orchestral Not for performance or publication holograph     MS.Add.9803.66
1934 Prelude & fugue for string quartet  Chamber-strings Str. 4tet   holograph     MS.Add.9803.72/1
  Prelude & fugue for string quartet: version for string orchestra Orchestral Strings revised 1946 holograph   1946 St John's College Library
        Photocopy of 1946 revision in St John's photocopy   1946 MS.Add.9803.72/2
1935 Of Pan we sing Choral SABar solo, chorus, piano Not for performance or publication holograph     MS.Add.9803.24
1936 Hymn tune (Songs of praise, no. 670) (Thou art my life; if thou but turn away) Choral     holograph     MS.Add.9803.20
1936 Piano sonata Instrumental pf 1st mvment only (Un poco moderato) holograph     MS.Add.9803.84
1937 December stillness (Sassoon) Vocal V, pf Original pitch holograph     MS.Add.9803.41/1
        Original pitch. "Preferably one tone higher than written" holograph     MS.Add.9803.41/2
        Transposed one note up holograph     MS.Add.9803.41/3
        Transposed one note up holograph     MS.Add.9803.41/4
        Transposed one note down holograph     MS.Add.9803.41/5
        Photocopy of a lost manuscript photocopy   1943 MS.Add.9803.50
1937 Phantasy for a summer evening Chamber-strings Str. 4tet Not for performance or publication holograph     MS.Add.9803.73
1937 Toccata alla marcia Instrumental org   hologr     MISSING
          published Hinrichsen 1957 M350.a.95.29(12)
1938 Divertimento for chamber orchestra Orchestral 1*.1.1.sax.1-, timp, perc.   holograph   1944 MS.Add.9803.67
1938 Good Friday hymn, A Vocal MezzoS, 2vla, vlc Score & parts holograph   1945 MS.Add.9803.42/1-2
1938 Latin psalms, Three. Vocal V, str 4tet Score holograph   1938 MS.Add.9803.43/1
  1. Jubilate Deo
  2. Miserecordia
  3. In convertendo
    Vocal V, str 4tet Score holograph   1939 MS.Add.9803.43/2
    Vocal V, pf Vocal score, dated "1937" holograph   1939 MS.Add.9803.43/3
    Vocal V, str 4tet String parts copyist   1939 MS.Add.9803.43/4
    Vocal V, str 4tet String parts copyist   1940 MS.Add.9803.43/5
1938 Prayer to the Trinity Choral SATB   holograph   1938 MISSING
    Choral SATB Revised version holograph   1986 MS.Add.9803.16
    Choral SATB   published Paraclete Press 1987 MRS.
1938 Sonatina for violoncello & piano Instrumental vlc, pf   holograph   1938 MS.Add.9803.92/1
      vlc, pf Transparencies. With modified ending holograph   1948 MS.Add.9803.92/2
1939 Laudate Dominum Choral SATB SATB Composed 1939, fair copy. holograph   1986 MS.Add.9803.17
1940 Merry Margaret Vocal V, pf   holograph     MS.Add.9803.44/1
          copyist     MS.Add.9803.44/2
194- Leezie Lindsay (Burns) Vocal V, pf Old Scots ballad tune; acc. by R.O. holograph     MS.Add.10075.1-2
194- Linten Lowrin Vocal V, pf Old Scots tune; acc. by R.O. holograph     MS.Add.10075.3
194- Turn ye to me (Christopher North) Vocal V, pf Old Scots tune; acc. by R.O. holograph     MS.Add.10075.2
194-? Come let's be merry Choral V, SATB, pf Melody and words from Musical miscellany (1709), v. 4, p. 120; arr. R.O. holograph     MS.Add.10075.4-6
1940 Pieces for piano, Two (Elegy; Dance) Instrumental pf Not for performance or publication holograph     MS.Add.9803.85
1941 Sonatina for violin & piano Instrumental vl, pf   holograph     MS.Add.9803.88
          published OUP 1946 M360.a.90.123-124(11)
          published Anglo American 1984 M360.a.95.187-188
1943 Chinese songs, Three Vocal V, pf   holograph     Fitzwilliam Museum MU.MS.1395
  1. Tell me now
  2. Plucking the rushes
  3. The little cart
        Phocopy of a different manuscript from the Fitzwilliam Museum holograph photocopy      MS.Add.9803.52
          published OUP 1947 M290.a.90.187(7)
          published Anglo American 1984 M290.a.95.268
  Chinese songs, Three. 1. Tell me now Vocal V, pf Transposed holograph   1943 MS.Add.9803.45
1943 Soldier's life (In the valley green and still) (Housman) Vocal V, pf   holograph   1943 MS.Add.9803.46
          photocopy   1943 MS.Add.9803.51
1945 Lyrics from the Chinese, Three. 1. Philosophy Vocal V, pf Listed as no. 2 in "Record of compositions" holograph   1945 MISSING
1945 Lyrics from the Chinese, Three. 2. Lament, A (Ah, let it drift) Vocal V, pf Listed as no. 1 in "Record of compositions" holograph   1945 MS.Add.9803.47/1
          holograph   1945 MS.Add.9803.47/2
          holograph   1945 MS.Add.9803.47/3
1945 Lyrics from the Chinese, Three. 3. Drinking song Vocal V, pf In G major holograph   1945 MS.Add.9803.48/1
        In G major. Photocopy of a missing holograph manuscript photocopy   (1945) MS.Add.9803.50
1945 Lyrics from the Chinese, Three. 3. Drinking song Vocal V, str 4tet In E major. Score, vocal score & 4 parts holograph   1952? MS.Add.9803.48/2-3
1944 Spiritual exercise, A (Spender) Vocal V, pf Photocopy of a missing manuscript photocopy   (1945) MS.Add.9803.50
1946 They that put their trust in the Lord Choral SATB   holograph     St John's College Library MS.Orr/A/1
          published OUP 1948 M230.b.90.17(21)
          published OUP 1965 M239.b.8.5(1)
          published Paraclete Press 1987 MONYC
1947 Hot cake (Shu Hai) Vocal V, pf Sketches holograph     MS.Add.9803.49/2
          holograph     MS.Add.9803.49/1
1947 Sonata for viola and piano (1947) Instrumental vla, pf   holograph   1947 MISSING
          published OUP 1949 M380.a.95.57-58
          published Anglo American 1981 MONYC
1947 Winter's tale, The Opera   Score and parts  holograph     MS.Add.9803.3/1
        Annotated photocopy. Incidental music photocopy     MS.Add.9803.3/2
1948 Prospect of Whitby : overture Orchestral - - strings, timp, perc. Score, returned from the Hinrichsen hire library. holograph Hinrichsen (hire) 1948 MS.Add.9803.68/1
        "Working score" holograph   1948 MS.Add.9803.68/2
1948 Serenade in four movements Chamber-strings vl, vla, vlc Score. holograph   1948 MS.Add.9803.74/1
        Photocopy of copyist ms., from Hinrichsen Hire library. copyist (photocopy) Hinrichsen (hire) 1950 MS.Add.9803.74/2
        Parts only, returned from the Hinrischsen hire library. copyist Hinrichsen (hire) 1950 MS.Add.9803.74/3
1948 Serenade in three movements Chamber-strings vl, vla, vlc Score and parts. Computer set by: Cambridge Music Works printed   1989 MRS.
1949 Fanfares for Cambridge Summer Festival, Two Chamber-brass 4 tpt   holograph     MS.Add.9803.76
1949 Oedipus of Colonus Opera   Score holograph   1949 Fitzwilliam Museum MU.MS.1449
        Vocal score holograph   1949 Fitzwilliam Museum MU.MS.1450
        Vocal score published OUP 1949 M260.a.95.8(4)
        Parts copyist   1949 Fitzwilliam Museum MU.MS.1480
1949 Romantic songs, Four : for tenor, oboe, and string quartet Vocal T, ob, strings holograph     1949 Britten Pears Library
  1. (Winter) Down from the branches fall the leaves
  2. (Spring) Comes now the spring
  3. Now the fields are laughing
  4. (Summer) While summer on is stealing.
      T, ob, strings Full score. Dyeline from transparancies photocopy   1960 MS.Add.9803.50/3
      T, pf Vocal score holograph   1960 MS.Add.9803.50/1
      T, pf Vocal score. Dyeline from transparancies photocopy   1960 MS.Add.9803.50/2
1949 Sicilienne and chaconne : viola and piano Instrumental vla, pf   holograph Hinrichsen (hire) 1949 MS.Add.9803.91
1950 Festival Te Deum, A Choral SATB, orchestra   holograph   1950? MS.Add.9803.8
      SATB org   published OUP 1951 M220.b.90.25(21)
      SATB org   published Anglo American  1981 M220.b.95.117(5)
1951 Bessie Bell and Mary Gray : 17th-century Scots ballad Choral SATB Arrangement holograph   1951 MS.Add.9803.25
            Hinrichsen 1959 M280.b.95.56(38)
1951 Cupid enchained : for Peter Peers Vocal T (unacc.)   holograph   1951 Britten Pears Library
    Vocal T (unacc.)   holograph   1951 MS.Add.9803.56/1
    Vocal T (unacc.) Photocopy of the ms. At the Britten-Pears Library photocopy   198- MS.Add.9803.56/2
1951 Deidre of the sorrows Opera   holograph holograph     BBC Music Library
        Sketches holograph     MS.Add.9803.4
1951 Three pastorals (Mary Webb) Vocal S, fl , vla, pf Score holograph Hinrichsen (hire) 1951 MS.Add.9803.54/1
  1. Green rain
  2. A summer day
  3. The happy life
        Parts. holograph   1951 MS.Add.9803.54/2
      S, pf "Version for voice with piano alone" holograph   1951 MS.Add.9803.51/3-4
        Fl part arr for recorder (descant & bass holograph   1996 MS.Add.9803.54/5
1952 Italian overture Orchestral, harpsichord "original working sketch" holograph   1952 Fitzwilliam Museum MU.MS.1448
          holograph   1952 MS.Add.9803.69/1
          published Central Music Library 1972 M200.a.139.1(2), harpsichord Orchestral version with horns. copyist   1960 MS.Add.9803.69/2
1952 My true-love hath my heart (Sidney) Vocal MezzoS, str 4tet   holograph     MS.Add.9803.55/1
        Vocal score holograph     MS.Add.9803.55/2
        Vocal score holograph     MS.Add.10075.11
1952 Serenade for horn in F & piano Instrumental hn, pf   holograph   1952 MS.Add.9803.93
          published Schott 1952 M380.a.95.148-149(12)
1953 Duo for violin & violoncello Chamber-strings vl, vlc Original version   holograph Hinrichsen (hire) 1953 MS.Add.9803.75/1
        Revised. Transparencies.  holograph Assigned to Anglo American 1985 1965 MS.Add.9803.75/2
          photocopy   1965 MS.Add.9803.75/3
1953 Te Deum & Jubilate in C Choral SATB org   holograph   1953 MS.Add.9803.9
          published Stainer & Bell 1956 M229.b.1.6(15-16)
          published Anglo American 1982 M220.b.95.117(6)
1954 Scots songs, Seven Vocal solo/unison, pf   holograph   1954 MISSING
  1. Low down in the broom
  2. Saw ye Johnnie comin?
  3. Willie's gan in Melville Castle
  4. O can ye sew cushions
  5. Jenny come down to Jock
  6. Bessie Bell & Mary Grey
  7. Hoolie & fairly
          published OUP 1956 M290.b.95.42(4)
1955 I was glad Choral SATB   holograph   1955 MS.Add.9803.12
            Hinrichsen 1957 M230.b.95.11(17)
1955 Kimmers o'Cougate Vocal V, pf   holograph   1968 MS.Add.9803.58
        Published in "Fifteen poems and a play / by Sydney Goodsir Smith" published Edinburgh 1969 9720.c.2002
1955 Pig Club anthem (This little pig went to market): set to the tune of 'Goshen', or 'Summer suns are glowing' by Robin Orr, Keeper of the Pig's Music, 1955 Choral Unison No. 8 in a list of the Archives       Pig Club Archives, St John's college? (possibly missing)
1955 Spring cantata Choral Mezzo-S, chorus, orchestra Score holograph     MISSING
        Vocal score published OUP 1956 M260.b.95.27
1956 Colin's cattle Choral SATB   holograph   1956 MISSING
          published Hinrichsen 1959 M280.b.95.56(39)
1956 Rhapsody for string orchestra Orchestral     holograph   1956 MISSING
        "Transparencies of score from original MS. R.O."  copyist Hinrichsen (hire) 1956 MS.Add.9803.70/1
        Bound by SMIC photocopy   1956 MS.Add.9803.70.2
        Corrected proofs of parts and score (both reduced size) photocopy Anglo American 1982 MS.Add.9803.70/3
        Miniature score published Anglo American 1982 M310.b.95.341
1956 Sonata for violin and clavier (harpsichord) Instrumental vl, hpsc "The clavier part has been written with a view to performance on a harpsichord, but if desired a piano may be used instead. R.O." holograph   1956 Fitzwilliam Museum MU.MS.1393
        Transparencies of score & part printed     MS.Add.9803.89/1
        Dyeline score & ms. part. Hire library material from Peters Edition printed Peters   MS.Add.9803.89/2
          published Anglo American 1983  
1957 Toccata alla marcia Instrumental org   holograph     MISSING
          published Peters   M350.a.95.29(12)
1958 Preludes on Scottish psalm tunes, Three Instrumental org   holograph   1958 MISSING
1958         published Hinrichsen 1960 M350.a.95.33(13)
1958         published Hinrichsen (with World Wide label) [1983] (MRA.351.644)
1961 Antigone Opera   For Bradfield School holograph     MS.Add.9803.5/1
        Vocal score holograph     MS.Add.9803.5/2
        Orchestral parts copyist     MS.Add.9803.5/3
1961 Come and let yourselves be built Choral SATB   holograph   1961 St John's College Library/Orr/A/2
      SATB   published OUP 1963 M239.b.8.4(11)
      SATB   published Anglo American 1981 M230.b.95.69(20)
1962 Fanfares for Alison's wedding Chamber-brass 3 tpt  Short score holograph     MS.Add.9803.77/1
        Fair copy holograph     MS.Add.9803.77/2
1963 Symphony in one movement Orchestral   Score photocopy   1963 MS.Add.9803.61/1
        Completed pencil sketch, etc. holograph   1963 MS.Add.9803.61/2-3
          published Bayley & Ferguson 1965 M310.b.95.45(1)
1964 Traditional Scots airs, Seven (The Kelvin series of Scots songs) Vocal V, pf   holograph   1964 MISSING

3. An thou were my ain thing
5. Ay wakin O
7. The blythsome bridal
8. The bonny Earl of Murray
17. My daddy's a delver of dykes
21. Our gudemer cam' hame at e'en
26. There's nae luck

  Traditional Scots airs, Seven (The Kelvin series of Scots songs; 3, 5, 7, 8, 17, 21, 26)       published Bayley & Ferguson 1965 M290.b.95.711(3, 5, 7, 8, 17, 21, 26)
1967 Magnificat & Nunc dimittis (Short service) Choral SATB org On transparencies holograph   1967 MS.Add.9803.10/1
    Choral SATB org R.O.'s marked up copy photocopy   1967 MS.Add.9803.10/2
    Choral SATB org   published OUP 1968 M229.b.2.7(14)
    Choral SATB org   published Anglo American 1981 M220.b.95.109(9)
1968 Cogie of ale, A Vocal V, pf Words and melody from Johnson's The Scots musical museum holograph     MS.Add.9803.57/1
        With t.p. "Tune; Lochwinnoch for Revised Church hymnary" [3rd ed. 1974] photocopy     MS.Add.9803.57/2
1968 Elegy Instrumental org   holograph     MS.Add.9803.87
          published OUP 1971 M350.a.95.201(1)
1968 Fanfare: Chancellor's music 6th June 1968 Chamber-brass 3 tpt, cym Score holograph     Fitzwilliam Museum MU.MS.1394
        Score holograph     MS.Add.9803.78/1
        Parts only holograph     MS.Add.9803.78/2-5
1968 Full circle Opera   Score holograph     National Library of Scotland
        Score photocopy     MS.Add.9803.6/3
        Vocal score: "Final cutting of script and vocal score orig. MS" holograph     MS.Add.9803.6/1-2
        Vocal score published International Music Company (copyright Bayley & Ferguson)   M260.b.95.82(2)
1968 Lochwinnoch (From glory to glory advancing) Choral   Church hymnary no. 325 holograph OUP, 1973   MS.Add.9803.21
1968 Sing aloud unto God Choral SATB org   holograph     MS.Add.9803.13
          published OUP c1968 M239.b.8.6(33)
          published Anglo American c1981 M230.b.95.69(22)
1969 From the book of Philip Sparrow Vocal MezzoS, strings Score holograph     MS.Add.9803.29/1
        Vocal score holograph     MS.Add.9803.29/2
        Parts only copyist     MS.Add.9803.29/3
1969 Make a joyful noise unto the Lord Choral SS org   holograph     MS.Add.9803.14
          published OUP c1970 M239.b.17.3(11)
1970 Symphony no. 2 Orchestral   Score on transparencies holograph     MS.Add.9803.62/1
        Score dyeline print   1970 MS.Add.9803.62/2
        Score photocopy   1970 MS.Add.9803.62/3-4
        Parts (from SNO) copyist   1970 MS.Add.9803.62/5
        Score published Central Music Library 1972 M200.a.130.2(1)
1971 Journeys and places (Muir) Vocal MezzoS, strings Score holograph     MS.Add.9803.30/1
        Rough copy & sketches holograph     MS.Add.9803.30/2
        Vocal score. Supplied SMIC photocopy     MRS
1972 Liebeslied (Rilke) Vocal V, org Pencil   holograph     MS.Add.9803.59/1
          photocopy     MS.Add.9803.59/2
      V, pf   published Anglo American 1986 M290.a.95.268(2)
1975 Fanfare for the Theatre Royal, Glasgow Chamber-brass brass Pencil short score. Original score and parts lost. holograph     MS.Add.9803.79
1975 Hermiston Opera   Score holograph     National Library of Scotland
        Vocal score holograph     National Library of Scotland
        Vocal score photocopy     MS.Add.8903.7/2
        Miscellany, including draft vocal score holograph     MS.Add.8903.7/1
1976 Word in my ear, A Vocal V, pf   holograph     MS.Add.9803.60
1977 Diversion on CABDGE Chamber-wind 0222-2000 Score holograph     MS.Add.9803.80
1978 Songs of Zion : four psalms Choral SATB   holograph     Fitzwilliam Museum MU.MS.1392
  1. Be gracious to me, O God : Ps. 51
  2. By the rivers of Babylon : Ps. 137
  3. Sing to the Lord a new song : from Ps. 149 & 150
  4. Blessed be the Lord God : Ps. 72)
          published Anglo American 1981  
1978 Symphony no. 3 Orchestral   Score holograph     MS.Add.9803.63/1
        Mostly short score holograph     MS.Add.9803.63/2
1978 Versus from Ogden Nash Vocal V, str 4tet Fair copy in pencil. holograph     MS.Add.9803.31/1
  1. Who did which
  2. Pastoral
  3. The seagull and the Ea-gull
      V, str orch Score and parts for string orchestra version photocopy     MS.Add.9803.31/4 
        Vocal score. Fair copy, 2 copies holograph     MS.Add.9803.31/3-3
        Vocal score published Anglo American 1985 M290.a.95.268(3)
  Versus from Ogden Nash. 2. Pastoral     Vocal score. Fair copy, 2 copies holograph     MS.Add.9803.31/5-6
1982 O God, ruler of the world Choral SATB org   holograph     Private collection (Ruth Daniel)
        "For Glyn Daniel… Ruth Daniel has original MS" photocopy     MS.Add.9803.15
          published Anglo American 1986 M230.a.95.16(12)
1982 Odd man out Chamber-brass 2tpt, hn, trbn, tu Score. Material used in 3rd movement of Sinfonietta Helvetica holograph     MS.Add.9803.81/1
        Parts holograph     MS.Add.9803.81/2
1985 On the razzle Opera   Vocal score - draft ("original ms") holograph     MS.Add.9802.1
        Early sketches holograph     MS.Add.9802.3
        Libretto (Act 1-3) holograph     MS.Add.9802.4
        Production notes, Act 1 holograph   1986 MS.Add.9802.5
        Score holograph   1986 MS.Add.9802.10
        Score photocopy   1987 MS.Add.9802.9
        Vocal score - fair copy holograph   1986 MS.Add.9802.2
        Vocal score (bound) photocopy   1987 MS.Add.9802.6
        Vocal score "Corrected by R.O., 11.4.87" photocopy   1987 MS.Add.9802.7
        Vocal score photocopy Novello 1987 MS.Add.9802.8
1986 Cambridge fanfare, A Chamber-brass 4330 timp Score & parts. Commissioned by the Cambridge City Council for the opening of the Corn Exchange as a new concert hall, 2 February 1987. R.P.O brass and timpani, conducted by Kazuhiro Koizumi holograph     MS.Add.9803.82/1
        Another copy in a different format holograph     MS.Add.9803.82/2
          photocopy   1987 MS.Add.9803.81/3
1990 Sinfonietta Helvetica Orchestral   Score + sketches holograph     MS.Add.9803.1/1-2
        Corrected by RO photocopy     MS.Add.9803.1/3
        Reduced size. Corrected by RO photocopy     MS.Add.9803.1/4
1993 Rondeau des oiseaux Instrumental rec/fl   holograph     MS.Add.9803.95/1
        With holograph corrections photocopy     MS.Add.9803.95/2
          published Forsyth Brothers 1996  
1994 Lyric pieces, Three Instrumental pf   holograph     MS.Add.9803.86/1-2
        corrected photocopy     MS.Add.9803.86/3
        corrected proofs, with list photocopy     MS.Add.9803.86/4
          printed Silverfen, Cambridge 1996 MRS.
1996 Wise man and his pig, A Choral AATTBB   holograph     MS.Add.9803.26
1999 O gracious light Choral SATB Given to Stephen Cleobury for the Rowe Library holograph     King's College. Rowe Library
        Photocopyof the manuscript in King's. photocopy     MS.Add.9803.18/2
        Sketches in pencil holograph     MS.Add.9803.18/1
2001 Carol for Christmas, A Choral SSAATTB   holograph     MS.Add.9803.19