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All holograph manuscript are in the Cambridge Universtiy Library, except where noted. Full details may be found in the online catalogues LibrarySearch and Newton.

Some of the orchestral and ensemble songs are available for hire from Edition Peters.

Title, lyricist, contents Medium Date Material Notes
As I was a'wand'ring one morning in spring (Burns)
  V, pf 1934 holograph Not for performance or publication
Chinese songs, Three (translated by Arthur Waley)
  1. Tell me now (Wang Chi, circa A.D. 700)
  2. Plucking the rushes (Anon., 4th century)
  3. The little card (Ch'ēn Tzŭ-Lung, born 1607)
  V, pf 1943 holograph Original in the Fitzwilliam Museum. CUL has photocopy of a different holograph manuscript (location unknown)
  V, pf 1947 printed Published by: OUP
  V, pf 1984 printed Published by: Anglo American
Cogie of ale, A
  V, pf 1960? holograph Words and melody from Johnson's The Scots musical museum
Come sleep (John Fletcher)
  V, pf 1933 holograph Originally with string quartet
Cupid enchained : for Peter Pears
  T (unacc.) 1955? holograph Another holograph copy is in the Britten Pears Library (photocopy in CUL)
December stillness (Siegfried Sassoon)
  V, pf 1937 holograph Various copies, in three different transpositions: ending on F, G, and A.
Fairy-led (Mary Webb)
  V, pf 1930 or 1931, revised 1936 holograph Not for performance or publication
Fear (Walter de la Mare)
  V, ob, bn, strings 1928 holograph Score. Not for performance or publication
From the book of Philip Sparrow (John Skelton)
  MezzoS, strings 1969 holograph Score. Material availble for hire from Edition Peters.
  MezzoS, pf 1969 holograph Vocal score
  MezzoS, strings 1969 copyist Parts.
Good Friday hymn, A
  MezzoS, 2vla, vlc 1938 holograph  
Hebridean songs, Two
  1. I-mo-chree (Iona)
  2. Saint Colomba's home-sailing & Alleluia
  V, pf 1929 holograph  
Hot cake (Shu Hai)
  V, pf 1947 holograph Score and sketches
I love the jocund dance (Blake)
  V, pf 1930/1939 holograph Not for performance or publication
In valleys green and still (Housman) see A soldier’s life
Journeys and places (Edwin Muir)
  MezzoS, strings 1971 holograph Score, vocal score, sketches. Material availble for hire from Edition Peters.
Kimmers o'Cungate, The (Sydney Goodsir Smith)
  V, pf 1968? holograph Dated 1955 in Orr’s “Record of compositions”, but the only holograph is on paper from 1968.
  V, pf 1969 printed Published by: Southside. In ‘Fifteen poems and a play / Syndey Goodsir Smith’
Lake Isle of Innisfree (Yeats)
  V, pf 1929 holograph Not for performance or publication
Latin psalms, Three
  1. Jubilate Deo (Psalm 97, v. 7 to end)
  2. Miserecordia (Psalm 100 vv.1 and 2, Psalm 136 vv. 1 to 6)
  3. In convertendo (Psalm 125, vv. 1 to 6)
  V, str 4tet 1938 holograph Score & vocal score
  V, str 4tet 1939? copyist. String parts (two sets)
Leezie Lindsay (Burns)
  V, pf ? holograph Old Scots ballad tune; accompaniment by R.O.
Liebeslied (Rilke)
  V, org 1972 holograph  
  V, pf 1986 printed Published by: Anglo American (facsimile)
Lyrics from the Chinese, Three (translated by Helen Waddell)
  1. Lament (Ah, let it drift)
  2. Philosophy [missing]
  3. Drinking song (The dew is heavy on the grass)
  V, pf 1945 holograph Lament, dated “23-7-45”
  V, pf 1945 holograph Drinking song, dated “25-6-45”
  V, str 4tet 1952 holograph Drinking song. Score, vocal score & 4 parts
Merry Margaret (John Skelton)
  V, pf 1940 holograph  
My true-love hath my heart (Sir Philip Sidney)
  MezzoS, str 4tet 1952 holograph  
Pastorals, Three (Mary Webb)
  1. Green rain
  2. A summer day
  3. The happy life
  S, fl, vla, pf 1951 holograph Score & vocal score. Material availble for hire from Edition Peters.
  S, rec, vla, pf 1996 holograph Fl part arr for recorder (descant & bass)
  S, rec, vla, pf 1996 printed Computer set by John Turner
Rainbow, The (Walter de la Mare)



V, pf 1928, revised 1936 holograph  
Romantic songs, Four (from 'Medieval Latin lyrics' Helen Waddell)
  1. Winter) Down from the branches fall the leaves
  2. (Spring) Comes now the spring
  3. Now the fields are laughing
  4. (Summer) While summer on is stealing
  T, ob, strings 1949, revised 1960 holograph Full score. Original in the Britten-Pears Library; CUL has photocopy. Material available for hire from Edition Peters.
  T, pf 1960 holograph Vocal score
Scots songs, Seven
  1. Low down in the broom
  2. Saw ye Johnnie comin?
  3. Willie's gan in Melville Castle
  4. O can ye sew cushions
  5. Jenny come down to Jock
  6. Bessie Bell & Mary Grey
  7. Hoolie & fairly
  V/unison, pf 1954 holograph MISSING
  V/unison, pf 1956 printed Published by Oxford University Press
Sleep – see Come sleep
Snowdrop time (Mary Webb)
  V, fl, ob, str. 1930 holograph Score & vocal score (revised 1933). Not for performance or publication
Soldier's life (In the valley green and still) (A.E. Housman)
  V, pf 1943 holograph  
Songs of innocence (Blake)
  1. Infant joy
  2. The lamb
  3. The shepherd
  V, str 4tet 1929, revised 1932 holograph Original score and vocal score are in the National Library of Scotland; CUL has a photocopy of both, and also of a different holograph vocal score (location unknown)
  V, str 4tet 1932 holograph String parts, copied 1932.
Spiritual exercise, A (Stephen Spender)
  V, pf 1937 holograph  
Traditional Scots songs, Seven (published in the series: The Kelvin series of Scots songs)

3. An thou were my ain thing
5. Ay wakin O
7. The blythsome bridal
8. The bonny Earl of Murray
17. My daddy's a delver of dykes
21. Our gudemer cam' hame at e'en
26. There's nae luck

  V, pf 1965 printed Published by: Bayley & Ferguson
Turn ye to me (Christopher North)
  V, pf 194-? holograph Old Scots tune; accompaniment by R.O.
Versus from Ogden Nash
  1. Who did which
  2. Pastoral
  3. The seagull and the Ea-gull
  V, str 4tet 1978 holograph Score and vocal score, and sketches
  V, str 4tet 1978 photocopy Score and parts of version for string orchestra
  V, pf 1985 printed Vocal score published by: Anglo American
Word in my ear, A
  V, pf 1976 holograph “Adapted from Michael Flanders [and] Donald Swan and performed by R.O. and Hugh Sykes Davies at a dinner in St. John's on our retirement, 1976.”