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ArchiveSearch is the University's catalogue for archive (and some other) collections. It replaced Janus is early 2021.

The Map Department has a number of collections listed in ArchiveSearch. See below for tips on searching ArchiveSearch

1. Charles Close Society Archives [Classmark = Maps.CCSA]

  • Collection of material relating to the Ordnance Surveys of Great Britain and Ireland

2. Dowson and Sheppard Collection of Cadastral Diagrams and Maps [Classmark = Maps.Dowson]

  • This collection of sample sheets of cadastral mapping

3. Guy Messenger's collection of Ordnance Survey map series maps [Classmark = Maps.KGM]

  • Collection of Ordnance Survey maps collected by Guy Messenger (1920-1993) 

4. A collection of conveyance deeds, etc. [Classmark = Maps.Ms.Plans.PS] 

  • A collection of conveyance deed, hereditaments, mortgage drafts, leasehold agreements, conditions of sale, and valuations of various properties and lands situated throughout England and Wales 

5. Volumes of Sales Particulars [Classmark = Maps.PSV] 

  • Bound volumes of sales particulars for properties and land, mostly though not exclusively in the Cambridge area. Probably compiled by E & E Foster, Solicitors (some items appear to be addressed to them, e.g. Maps.PSV.1.35). Many include manuscript annotations of prices, etc.
  • Further sales particulars can be found by searching the Map Department's card catalogue and iDiscover
  • Use this link to start an iDiscover search for Sales Particulars - just add a place name in the 'Any field' line or, if this retrieves too many non-relevant results (e.g. for larger places such as Cambridge), change the 'Any field' option to 'Subject'. Uncatalogued particulars (which mostly date from the 19th and early to mid 20th centuries) are arranged by county and are available by prior arrangement. [Classmarks = Maps.PS. & Maps.PSQ.]  
  • See also the Fruitful Resource blog post.

6. Railway track diagrams, station plans and other documents [Classmark = Maps.RLY.] 

7. Views [Classmark Views.UCL or Views.UCS]

  • A collection of late 19th and early 20th century volumes of views – mostly souvenir volumes for British tourist destinations
  • Other views are catalogued online or in the card catalogue

8. Development plans / Planning reports [Classmark = Maps.PL.02]

  • Collection of planning reports, etc., of all dates but mostly published since 1970.
  • Many development plans published before about 1970 are catalogued in the Map Department card catalogue [Classmarks = Atlas.29. & Maps.29.] 

9. Directorate of Fortifications and Works maps [Classmark = Maps.aa.F.06]

  • Plans and drawings of army barracks, depots, forts, batteries and other military structures
  • Sites in England, Channel Islands, Gibraltar, Bermuda, Kowloon Peninsula
  • 1857-1956

How to Search ArchiveSearch

There are two approaches to searching ArchiveSearch

To Search Everything in ArchiveSearch:

  • Enter search terms into the search boxes on the ArchiveSearch home page
  • When the results of the search are returned you can use the 'Additional filters' list on the right-hand side to limit the results to items in the Map Department. Click on 'Map Dept. (GBR/3296) 12432' in the filter by 'ARCHON code (for CUL materials)' list.

To Search Within a Specific Map Department Collection:

  • Select a collection by clicking on the appropriate link above or by clicking on the required collection in ArchiveSearch 
  • Add search terms into the 'Search Resource' box on the right-hand side
  • This will search for these terms within this collection only

To Search for Reference Code / Classmark

  • At the Home Page use the 'Search field' pull-down list to select 'Reference Code'. This will restrict searches to the reference code field only.
  • Use elements of the reference code/classmark as the search term. You'll probably need to use a wildcard search by adding an * before and/or after the search terms, e.g. *218* for reference codes containing 218. You can search on more than one element from the classmark, e.g. CCSA *218* will find all reference codes containing 218 within the Charles Close Society (CCSA) collection.
  • To find reference codes for outsize items (i.e. those items with 'L' before a number) try the following: *bwa_L* (for 'L' numbers in the Brian Adams fond) ; *ccsa*_L* (for any 'L' number in the CCS Archive)  ; *ccsa*_L163​* (to find a specific number if you don't know the fond).
  • In all cases, if you click on a result and you can then ​browse the list on the right for neighbouring items.
  • Also see the guidance in the ArchiveSearch LibGuide

Further Search Tips:

  • To search for exact phrases the search words should be enclosed in inverted commas, e.g. “seventh series”. Without inverted commas the search will return all catalogue entries containing either seventh or series, though records including both will appear at the top of the search results list.
  • To search for map scale the format 1:63,360 or 63,360 should work.

Further Help

Opening Times

Map Room Opening Times

Monday to Thursday 9am to 12:45pm and 2pm to 5:10pm
Friday 9am to 12:45pm and 2pm to 4:50pm 

i.e., we are closed lunch time, in the evenings and on Saturdays. However, given sufficient notice, we may be able to transfer Map Department items to the Rare Books Reading Room for consultation during these closed periods. 

Remember: Pencils only in the Map Room and No food or drink!

Where to Find Us

Library Floorplan

The Map Room - the Map Department's Reading Room - is on the first floor of the Library at the far end of the North Gallery. At the top of the stairs from the Library's Entrance Hall, turn right and the Map Room is at the end of the corridor. 

We are very close to the Tea Room.

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