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Battle School
No film with this title has been traced. It could be the working title for a film not yet identified or for an episode in a documentary or feature film. It's also possible that it was for use in an unidentified radio feature or series.
Cues : Paper episode -- N.C.O.s walking through camp -- End sequence -- Camouflage sequence -- Title music -- Montage of training.
Archive has autograph pencil sketches. MS.Alwyn.1.1.170.


Jane Brown changes her job
Music for the semi-documentary film, starring Anne Firth, and directed by Harold Cooper, produced by Sydney Box and James Carr for Verity Films, 1941 (see BFI database, and the Imperial War Museum database.)
To see the full film go to ScreenOnline
For chamber orchestra. Instrumentation : 1110.2100.timp.perc.21111.
Cues : 1. Title music -- 2. Canteen sequence -- 3. Playout.
Available on DVD, on the Imperial War Museum's Women and children at war, see IWM
Archive has no score with the above name, but it does have autograph sketches in pencil, and score in ink, unsigned, undated for a film entitled "Women in industry" - this is clearly the same film. MS.Alwyn.1.1.160 (Sketches), MS.Alwyn.1.1.161 (Score)


Ministry of Information short films
Music for five-minute documentary films produced by the Ministry of Information. Alwyn wrote many scores for Ministry of Information sponsored films throughout the Second World War - it is not known for which specific films these scores were composed.
Instrumentation : 2122.4331.timp.perc.hp.
Cues : Sketches. 1 -- 2 -- 3 -- 4 -- MOI 1 -- MOI 2 ; Scores. Title music & play out -- 2. Play out.
Archive has autograph sketches in pencil, and autograph scores in ink, unsigned and undated. MS.Alwyn.1.1.119 (Sketches); MS.Alwyn.1.1.66MS.Alwyn.1.67 (Scores)


Negro film
Music composed for a short documentary film. The film is unidentified.
Instrumentation : Flute, trumpet, harp and piano
Cues : Title music -- Piano theme (Blues)
Archive has autograph score in ink, and copyist's parts in ink, unsigned, undated. MS.Alwyn.1.1.103 (Score and parts)


Women in industry see Jane Brown changes her job