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Concerto grosso no. 2
Dedicated to Muir Mathieson.
For string orchestra
1. Allegro moderato e vigoroso -- 2. Adagio e espressivo -- 3. Vivace (Allegro ma non troppo)
Premiered by the London Symphony Orchestra conducted by Malcolm Sargent, Royal Albert Hall, London, May 7th, 1950.
Published London : Hawkes & Son, 1951 (see M310.c.90.159)
Recorded by the London Philharmonic Orchestra, conducted by William Alwyn, Lyrita SRCS 108 (LP), re-issued on CD, Lyrita SRCD 230. Recorded by the City of London Sinfonia, conducted by Richard Hickox, recorded in St. Jude's Church, London NW11 on 27th February and 1st March 1990. Chandos
Archive has autograph sketches in pencil. Signed and dated "October 1948". MS.Alwyn.1.2.5.
Manuscript score, signed and dated "October-November, 1948". MS.Add.8263
Loose leaf dyeline from holograph score. MS.Alwyn.1.2.23


Music for the feature film starring Rex Harrison and Peggy Cummins, produced by William Perlberg for Twentieth-Century productions, directed by Joseph L. Mankiewicz. For further details see BFI database.
Location of manuscript unknown.
Archive has cue-sheets MS.Alwyn.1.14.43 


Fallen idol
Alternate title: Lost illusion
Music for the feature film starring Ralph Richardson and Michele Morgan, produced and directed by Carol Reed for London Film Productions. For posters, stills and more see BFI database.
Available on DVD, see Amazon
For orchestra.
Cues: Sketches. Lost illusion child theme -- Titles -- Love theme -- Lonely child -- Little boy alone -- Running theme -- Child -- 4M1X -- 5M1X -- 3MA. Tea -- 3M2X -- 2M1. "Up up up!" -- 1M2A. Chattering & busy ; Bottom of stairs ; "Baines, is the Ambassador's ..." ; "Baines flowers etc." ; Stops -- 1M2B. "Look London" ; Shouts Baines ; "Baines" -- 4M1. Throws jumper on chair ; Shuts door ; Baines ; Mrs. Baines -- 2M2. After "Come on MacGregor" -- Stops in doorway "Baines" -- "Isn't Mr. Baines in?" -- "Baines" -- 3M1. Cafe. Julie gets up from table ; "The cup that cheers" ; Julie ; Car ; "I'll speak to her tonight" ; C.U. Baines -- 3M2. Door slams as Phil leaves ; Sees Phil ; Dim to Baines -- 4M2. Zoo montage -- 5M1. Phil runs ; Puts light on -- 5M2. Hide & seek ; Phil vanishes under table ; Door closing ; Door suddenly opens ; Thunder lightning ; Baines says "Oh" ; Scream -- 1M1. Main titles ; Pause for Big Ben -- 1M2X -- 8M1. Looking for the dart ; Phil ; Grasps dart ; High shot ; "Good Heavens" ; Baines ; Throws dart -- 6M1. High shot ; Baines ; Sees window ; Phil starts to [climb?] ; Phil ; Stares at wall ; Clings to wall ; Policeman stops ; "Well" ; Dim to police station -- 9M1. "Julie" ; "Good morning" -- 11M1 -- 11M2.
For clips see Youtube
DVD available. See Amazon
Recordings. Suite arranged by Christopher Palmer, recorded by the London Symphony Orchestra, conducted by Richard Hickox, Chandos CHAN 9243. Recorded in All Saints Church, Tooting, London, 15-16 January, 1993. See Chandos
Archive has sketches, autograph in pencil or ink, signed. Also includes additional leaves with details of recording sessions and film lengths. MS.Alwyn.1.1.34
Archive also has cue-sheets MS.Alwyn.1.14.44


Song for the feature film starring Glynis Johns and Googie Withers, produced by Betty E. Box for Gainsborough Pictures, directed by Ken Annakin. For further details see BFI database. It appears that Alwyn was originally commissioned to compose the underscore. For some reason his music (only the song is still extant) was never used in the film.
Location of manuscript unknown. There are two piano scores in the Archive in different keys, both are for soprano with some indications of orchestration. Both are in the same unknown copyist's hand. MS.Alwyn.1.4.24-25


One man's story
Music for the documentary film, directed by Max Munden and Dennis Shand, also produced by Max Munden for the Film Producers Guild / Horizon Unit on behalf of the Central Office of Information / Foreign Office, 1948. See BFI database.
For a clip of the film see YouTube.
Principally for string orchestra. 3M1 is for string orchestra, solo violin and 'cello, and piano.
Cues : 1M1 Title music -- 1M2 From close up of book (overlapping 1M1) -- 1M3 Starts in Mac's flat -- 2M1 Starting from child welfare centre -- 2M2 A death in the house -- 2M3 Open air school -- 2M4 Slaughterhouse sequence -- 2M5 Slum sequence -- 2M6 Fever hospital sequence -- 3M1 Christmas party -- 3M2 Final section.
Archive has autograph sketches in pencil, and autograph score in pencil, signed. Cover includes notes on recording sessions.
MS.Alwyn.1.1.84 (Score)
Archive also has cue-sheets MS.Alwyn.1.14.90-91


So evil my love
Alternate titles : Obsessed. For her to see.
Music for the feature film starring Ray Milland and Ann Todd, directed by Lewis Allen, produced by Hal B. Wallis for Paramount British Productions. For more information see BFI database.
The American release was partially rescored by Victor Young. The Victor Young sections can be viewed at
For orchestra.
Cues: Titles 1M1 -- 12M1 Hallucination music -- 12M4 Mark sees locket -- 8M1 Henry "Make certain you are out of this house within 15 mins" -- 8M2 "There is no other way darling" -- 8M3 "I shall wait for you there" -- 9M1 "You were quite right - it is a copy" -- 10M1.
For music excerpts see Youtube
Available on DVD, see Loving the Classics.
Archive has sketches, although not for all the sections that Alwyn composed. Autograph in pencil MS.Alwyn.1.1.115
Archive also has a cue sheet showing the split between Alwyn / Young scoring MS.Alwyn.1.14.117


Sonata for flute and piano 
Slow -— Adagio tranquillo —- Allegro ritmico e feroce -— Coda
Premiered by Gareth Morris (flute) and Ernest Lush (piano) on BBC Third Programme, 6 November 1948
Published London : Lengnick, 2006 (see MRS.27.7, a performing edition by Christopher Hyde-Smith, edited by Philippa Davies.
Recorded by Kate Hill, flute and Julius Drake, piano, recorded in the Faculty of Music Concert Hall, West Road, Cambridge on 19-23 August 1992 Chandos. Recorded by Ingrid Culliford, flute and Dominic Saunders, piano, recorded at St. Silas Church, London, NW3 in 1995. Lontano records. Recorded by Philippa Davies, flute and Ian Brown, piano at All Saints Church, East Finchley, 19-22 November 2005 Dutton. Recorded by Ken Smith (flute) & Paul Rhodes (piano) in a performance edition edited by Kenneth Smith. Recorded in 2009. Divine Art.
Archive has autograph sketches in pencil and ink. Signed and dated "London, March 18, 1948". MS.Alwyn.1.3F.6.
Flute part in copyist's hand, includes pencil corrections. 
Photocopy of the Christopher Hyde-Smith performance edition, in Christopher Hyde-Smith's handMS.Alwyn.1.3F.8-9


Three dawns to Sydney
Music for the documentary film, directed by John Eldridge and Ian Latimer, produced by Ralph Keene and Paul Fletcher for Greenpark Productions, 1948. Sponsored by B.O.A.C. See BFI database.
For orchestra.
Location of score unknown.


Winslow boy
Music for the feature film starring Robert Donat and Cedric Hardwicke, directed by Anthony Asquith, and produced by Anatole de Grunwald for London Film Productions. For posters, stills, video clips and more see BFI database.
Available on DVD, see Amazon
For orchestra.
Cues: Sketches. Family theme -- 1M4. Father & mother ; Kate ; Interior mother & father ; John & Kate ; Interior ; Cut to Ronnie ; Station -- 1M7. Dis[solve] from church to Ronnie ; End of teaching shot ; Looks up ; Stands up -- 2M2. Well, well ; Cut to Kate & John ; "Kate" ; "What on earth are you doing?" -- 8M1. Kate reacts to letter ; Kate gets up ; Diss. to Houses of Parliament -- 5B. Ticker tape -- 5M1. From centre of dissolve to Kate's bedroom ; "John is calling for you etc." ; Kate "Len Rogers..." ; "I believe you're prejudiced against him" ; "You are my only ally" ; Door closes ; Parents bedroom ; Cut to Kate coming downstairs ; Bell rings ; Sir Robert -- 8M2. "On very special occasions" ; Looks at watch ; Diss. to Kate ; Whistle heard off screen ; Out to conservatory ; There's always the allowance ; Oh my daddy -- 12M1. After "very special occasion" final section -- 9M1 "The case etc can now come to court" ; John starts to leave ; "Silence" -- 11M3. After Violet's speech ; Father & Kate -- 11M2. Kate at the window ; Violet entering ; "What a shame you mind it" -- 1M2. The walk home -- 1M1. Main titles --1MX. Censor card ; Big Ben -- 7M2. "Have you spoken to her?" ; Cut to Arthur ; Cut to Arthur ; Cut to Kate & John ; Kate & John ; Kisses ; John says goodbye ; "Trouble between you & John?" -- 7M2 cont. Top of stairs ; Kate coming into her room ; Father opens door -- The whispering montage ; Interior ; Good morning -- Motto theme ; Family.
Score. 1MX. Music for censor card -- 1M1. Title music -- 1M2. The walk home ; Goes up steps ; Dialogue starts -- 1M4. Dickie picks up gramophone ; Father & mother ; Kate ; Interior & mother & father ; Kate & John ; Interior ; Dialogue ends & drive to station -- 1M7. Diss[olve] from church to Ronnie ; Starts to put hand in pocket ; End of track in ; Looks up ; Grasps letter ; Stands up ; Starts to run ; Peering through door ; Reaches back door -- 2M2. Father starts to get up ; "Well, well" ; Mother appears ; Kate & John ; "Kate!" ; "What on earth are you doing?" -- 4M2. Whispering montage ; Two women ; Cut to 2 shot men ; Cut to Desmond ; Interior Cut to inner office ; Dialogue begins -- 5M1. Kate's bedroom ; John is waiting for you etc." ; L.S. Kate ; "I believe you're prejudiced against him" ; "You're my only ally" ; Doors close ; Interior parent's bedroom ; Kate coming downstairs ; Bell rings ; Sir Robert -- 7M2. Parent's bedroom ; Mother starts to get up ; Cut to Arthur Cut to Arthur ; Cut to Kate & John ; Kisses ; Dickie ; They say "Goodbye" ; "Trouble between you & John?" ; Top of stairs ; Kate coming into her room ; Father opens door ; Cut to golf course -- 8M1. Kate reacts to letter ; Starts to read ; Kate gets up ; Houses of Parliament ; Ticker tape -- 8M2. After "only on very special occasions" ; Diss[olve] to Kate ; Whistle heard off ; Cut to conservatory ; "My father etc." ; End of "There's always the allowance" -- 9M1. "The case etc. can now come to court ; "Well sir, etc." ; "Let right be done" ends ; John starts to leave ; "Play with things" ; Starts to eat sandwich ; "Silence!" -- 11M2. Kate at the window ; She turns & looks at father ; Hopeless course ; End of "I don't think so" ; Newsboy calls "Winslow case result" ; Violet enters ; "What a shame you missed it" -- 11M3. After Violet's speech -- 12M1. Play out music after "very special occasions" ; Still pursuing etc. ; Sir Robert puts his hat on -- 12M2.
Recordings. Suite arranged by Philip Lane, recorded by the BBC Philharmoni, conducted by Rumon Gamba, Chandos CHAN 9959. Recorded in Studio 7, New Broadcasting House, Manchester, 28-29 June, 2001. See Chandos
Archive has sketches, autograph in pencil. MS.Alwyn.1.1.155
Photostat of signed holograph score, originally in ink. Further amendments had been made to the original manuscript, probably in pencil, and these are captured on the photostat. There are also a few amendments to the photostat itself in pencil in an unknown hand. The location of the holograph manuscript is unknown, it is likely that it was destroyed at Pinewood Studios in the early 1950s. MS.Alwyn.1.1.156-157
Archive also has cue-sheets MS.Alwyn.1.14.143.


Three winter poems
For string quartet.
Dedication: "To John B. McEwen, April 13th 1948."
1. Winter landscape -- 2. Elegy. Frozen waters -- 3. Serenade. Snow shower.
Premiere(?): 1 June 2005: Manchester: Bridgewater Hall: Mariani Quartet (Sara Wolstenholme, violin; Kirsty Mangan, violin; Ella Brinch, viola; Lydia Shelley, cello)
Recordings. Recorded by The Rasumovsky Quartet. Recorded at St Andrew’s Church, Alderton, Suffolk, 28-30 August 2005. Dutton. Recorded by the Bridge String Quartet. Recorded at Potton Hall, Westleton, Suffolk, UK, 17-18 August, 2006. Naxos
Archive has holograph in ink, signed. Parts are in copyist's hand in ink with a few pencilled annotations in an unknown hand. Dated at end of score "Jan-Feb 1948". MS.Alwyn.1.3S.42-43
There is a slightly later manuscript, also holograph, in the E. J. Tebbutt Collection, Northampton Central Library dated “April 13, 1948.