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Dr Ben Outhwaite, Head of the Unit.

Working with him are the research staff:
Dr Julia Krivoruchko, Research Associate (part-time), who is responsible for the bibliography project and working on Judaeo-Greek material.
Dr Kim Phillips, Research Associate, who works on the Hebrew Bible fragments, Jewish Biblical exegesis, and Aramaic Bible translations.
Dr Melonie Schmierer-Lee, Research Associate, who works on Hebrew and Aramaic documentary material.
Dr Esther-Miriam Wagner, Research Associate (part-time), who works on Judaeo-Arabic and Arabic manuscripts, particularly focussing on linguistic topics.
Dr Nadia Vidro, Research Associate (part-time) who works on grammatical and calendrical fragments.
Dr Mohamed Ahmed, Research Associate (part-time), who works mainly on the Arabic and Judaeo-Arabic fragments, focusing on the non-Jewish literature preserved in the Cairo Genizah.
Dr Magdalen Connolly, Research Associate (part-time), who works one day a week identifiying and cataloguing Arabic and Judaeo-Arabic manuscripts in the Cairo Genizah collections.




Other members of the Unit are:
Mrs Sarah Sykes, Research Support.