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"Thank you so much for organising our school visit to The University Library. The talk and the description of the items on display were very informative and brought the whole thing alive for the students. Personally it gave me an insight into an area of knowledge that I had hitherto known nothing about. That is what is so good about our library visits, we look at documents that enhance our understanding of different aspects of history."



The Littman Genizah Educational Programme

unconserved manuscript on display

The Genizah Unit is a research department of the University Library and lacks the facilities to provide a permanent display of manuscripts. However, thanks to the recent generosity of the Littman Foundation, the Genizah Research Unit is now able to offer organised visits to the Collection. By prior arrangement, we can host a visit of up to 2 hours for organised groups that will provide an introduction to the Collection and a viewing of selected Genizah manuscripts. These visits can be arranged on Monday through Friday throughout the year, with the exception of days when the University Library is closed.



1–6 people: £120

7–20 people: £200

21–45 people: £400

To discuss making a visit, please contact Mrs Sarah Sykes, email:; tel: (01223) 333129 


If your group is from a recognized educational institution (such as a school or university), then thanks to the support of the Littman Foundation, your visit will be free of charge.

If you are a Friend of the Genizah at the ‘Manuscript Level’, you may arrange to bring a group of up to 10 people (you and 9 others) for a private viewing of Genizah manuscripts.


Travel arrangements: please be aware that when making your travel arrangements, coaches are not allowed onto the Library grounds. There is a coach drop-off point nearby on Queen’s Road. Minibuses, however, are allowed onto Library grounds for drop-off and pick-up but must arrange to park elsewhere for the duration of the visit unless they are able to fit into a standard sized car parking space.




"I am writing to say thank you once again for such a fascinating and inspirational talk and introduction to the Geniza collection. It was, all in all, a remarkable and memorable afternoon. Having heard of the Cairo Geniza from time to time and its treasures it was amazing to be introduced to it – and the reality turns out to be even more impressive, and to actually be so up close to our living history was deeply moving."