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Dr Ben Outhwaite has been Head of the Genizah Research Unit in Cambridge University Library since 2006, having worked for the previous seven years as a Genizah researcher.

Dr Outhwaite received a B.A. in Hebrew Studies and an M.Phil. in Medieval Hebrew literature from Christ's College, Cambridge. His Cambridge Ph.D. thesis, on the grammatical description of Hebrew letters in the Genizah, was completed under the supervision of Professor Geoffrey Khan.

Dr Outhwaite's research interests revolve around Hebrew and its use and transmission in the Middle Ages: the vocalisation traditions of Biblical (and post-biblical) Hebrew, the Medieval Hebrew language (particularly its use as a medium of communication throughout the early Middle Ages), the form and function of the medieval Hebrew Bible, and the documentary history of the communities who deposited manuscripts into the Cairo Genizah. His research projects have been funded by the AHRC, the British Academy, the Wellcome Foundation and the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation, among others, and he is a series editor for Brill’s ‘Cambridge Genizah Studies’ series.

Selected publications

‘Water and Prices: A View of the Nile from the Cairo Genizah’, in Katherine Blouin (ed.), The Nile Delta: Histories from Antiquity to the Modern Period (Cambridge, Cambridge University Press, 2024), 453-465.

‘The Curious Case of the Corresponding Colophons in Codex Cairo 3’, in Vincent D. Beiler & Aaron D. Rubin (eds), Linguistic and Philological Studies of the Hebrew Bible and its Manuscripts in Honour of Gary A. Rendsburg (Brill, Leiden, 2023), 392–417

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‘The Cairo Genizah’, in Katharine J. Dell, The Biblical World. 2nd edition (Routledge; London, 2021), 565–589

‘The Sefer Torah and Jewish Orthodoxy in the Islamic Middle Ages’, in B. Anderson (ed.), From Scrolls to Scrolling: Sacred Texts, Materiality, and Dynamic Media Cultures (De Gruyter, Berlin, 2020), 63–89

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‘“Most of the haggadot are only opinions”: Cambridge University Library T-S Misc.35.14’, Jewish History (2019)

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With Amir Ashur, ’A Jewish marriage deed from nineteenth-century Yemen’, Chroniques du manuscrit au Yémen 25 (2018), 40–52

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With Esther-Miriam Wagner, ‘“These two lines...”: Hebrew and Judaeo-Arabic letter-writing in the Classical Genizah Period’, in J. Cromwell and E. Grossman (eds), Beyond Free Variation: Scribal Repertoires from the Old Kingdom to Early Islamic Egypt (Oxford, 2018), 314–332

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‘Karaite epistolary Hebrew: the letters of Ṭoviyyah ben Moshe’, in Geoffrey Khan (ed.), Exegesis and Grammar in Medieval Karaite Texts, Journal of Semitic Studies Supplement 13 (OUP, 2001), 195–234

Selected other stuff

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‘Call the (medieval) Cheesemonger’, Genizah Fragments Blog (June 2021)

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With S. Paul, A. Fedeli and H. Houghton, Ghost Words: Reading the Past, exhibition catalogue (2021).

With M. Schmierer-Lee and C. Burgess, Discarded History: the Genizah of Medieval Cairo, exhibition catalogue (2017).

The Essay: Life in Fragments: Stories from the Cairo Genizah, BBC Radio 3, first broadcast May 2013

PhD thesis (2000): A descriptive grammar of the medieval Hebrew of the Cairo Geniza letters (doctoral thesis).