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There are computers for you to use in the Library. These are provided by University Information services (UIS).

Current staff and students are automatically given an account. Collect your login details from UIS.

We create accounts for other Library users when they join. Please speak to us at the Reader Services Desk to confirm your login details or reset your password.

Computers are available in the following locations:

  • North Reading Room (4)
  • Reading Room Corridors (4)
  • Commonwealth Room (9)
  • Manuscripts (1)
  • Aoi and Anderson Reading Rooms (4)
  • West Four (1)
  • Royal Enclosure (2)



You can use your own laptop in the Library if it is quiet and does not disturb other readers. We may ask you to work on your laptop in a specified area if it is a distraction to other readers.

You can charge your laptop at selected desks in the Main Reading Room and the Rare Books Reading Room.



You can access the Wi-Fi via eduroam or UniOfCam-Guest.

Wi-Fi is available in the:

  • Aoi Pavilion (East Asian Reading Room)
  • Anderson Room
  • Catalogue Hall
  • Manuscripts Reading Room
  • Map Room
  • Munby Rare Books Reading Room
  • Milstein Seminar Rooms
  • North Courtyard (Floor 1)
  • North Wing (Floor 1, 3 & 5)
  • Reading Room
  • South Courtyard (Floor 1)
  • South Wing (Floor 3 & 5)
  • Tea Room
  • West Four
  • West Room

Wi-Fi for current staff and students

We recommend current staff and students use eduroam to connect to the Wi-Fi. You'll need to be connected via eduroam to access some electronic resources.

Eduroam instructions for current staff or students at the University of Cambridge

Wi-Fi for other users of the Library. 

If you are from another university or college you can use eduroam via your own institution. When you open a browser your device should automatically connect. If eduroam is not set up on your device you'll need to get instructions from your home institution.

If you are a visitor without access to eduroam, you are welcome to use the UniOfCam-Guest wireless network, which is open for all visitors to connect their personal devices to the internet. Registered readers are able to access subscription e-resources while using the Library (in person) by selecting the Library reader option and logging in.



The multi-functional devices (MFDs) for printing, copying and scanning can be found:

  • in the South Wing 3 Study Hub and Commonwealth Room
  • outside the Rare Books Reading Room 
  • in the Reading Room corridor

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