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Access online and zero-contact services across our libraries. Limited in-person services are available at the UL and in some Faculty and Department libraries. Visit Using the Library for information on services and support to help you study, teach and research.

Cambridge University Library


Mobile phones may be brought into the University Library, provided they are set to silent. The use of mobile phones is permitted only in the Entrance Hall, Locker Room, the courtyards or the Tea Room. Please be considerate to other readers.

Readers may use their own cameras to take still photographs of printed material, subject to conditions.

Cameras and camera phones must be hand-held, and must be capable of being set to 'silent'. SLRs, tripods, 'mini-pods', hand-held scanners and flash photography are not permitted. 

Please see our full guidelines for further information or speak to staff in the Reading Room.

General photography of the building is permitted, provided this excludes people (staff and readers) and PC screens with Electronic Legal Deposit material.