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A particularly interesting fragment from the last month, unearthed by the research team or one of our Genizah colleagues worldwide:

February 2018, What happens on pilgrimage .... : T-S8J22.25

January 2018, On autographs of Saadya Gaon attested in the Genizah: CUL Or.1080 1.85 and T-S 8D.1

December 2017, T-S Ar. 51.86a: Shi‘ite and Karaite – a Fatimid melange

November 2017, The first owners of the Leningrad Codex: T-S 10J30.7

October 2017, Early Karaite Halakha according to Karaite Commentaries to the Bible (T-S 16.316)

September 2017, A popular calendar

August 2017, T-S 18J3.9 the Ramla Earthquake: for this relief much thanks

July 2017, The rotuli corpus of the medieval midrash Pirqa de-Rabbenu ha-Qadosh, T-S K21.85  

March 2017, Writing Lines: T-S D1.108 and the Song of Moses

January 2017, Plants on Maimonides' bookshelf: T-S Ar.41.41

December 2016, The Long Art: T-S AS 144.331

November 2016, On the identification and biography of the ‘poet for all seasons’ and his contact with Maimonides: T-S 10K8.3, T-S 8K13.8 and T-S NS 264.98

October 2016, Learning Torah and what is connected to it: T-S Ar.18(1).16

September 2016, The pursuit of happiness: T-S Ar.44.201

August 2016, Who wrote the Bible?

June 2016, Moses ben Judah - a 15th century bibliophile and gourmand

May 2016, What women want (most)? A feminist reading of the Talmud from the Middle Ages: T-S Ar.18(2).20

April 2016, Reuniting a Tax-farmer's Archive

January 2016, Samuel ben Jacob: the Leningrad Codex B19a and T-S 10J5.15

September 2015, The earliest known fragment of Qusṭā ibn Lūqāʾs Book on Numbness: T-S K6.194

August 2015, 'Protect me for (the tie of) blood and milk that is between us': T-S 10J9.13 and Or. 1080 3.46

June 2015, A petition against an anti-social child: T-S Ar.40.3

April 2015, A cautionary tale concerning the shipment of ‘sanitary napkins’ from 11th-century Tunis: T-S K3.36

March 2015, Did the Jewish academies of Sura and Pumbedita hold original commentaries to the Talmud? T-S F9.41

February 2015, Medieval Chapbooks – Early collecting Of Rabbi Judah ha-Levi’s poetry: T-S 13J24.13 and T-S K25.138

January 2015, The language of women: L-G Arabic 2.129

December 2014, A Dream Request for Ṣedaqah ben Maqmalyah: Mosseri VI.5

November 2014, Eli ben Yehoshua al-Lāḏiqī: a newly identified copyist of liturgical manuscripts

October 2014, Breathing the 'dust of centuries': Add.6463(e)3416

September 2014, A day in the life of a court scribe: T-S 12.530

May 2014, 'Go to the house of the English': 19th century Genizah merchants

March 2014, A newly discovered medical recipe written by Maimonides: Mosseri I.115.1

September 2013, A medieval Karaite pedagogical grammar of Hebrew: T-S Ar.31.71 etc

August 2013, The first discovery of Judaeo-Syriac: T-S K14.22

January 2013, The preacher who speaks like a parrot: two versions of a letter by R. Joshua ha-Nagid.

November 2012, A Genizah manuscript of the Mishnah.

July 2012, Karamanli – a new language variety in the Genizah: T-S AS 215.255.

May 2012, A newly-discovered autograph responsum of Maimonides, lower script of a pseudo-palimpsest colophon: T-S AS 221.306–307

April 2012, A Judaeo-Arabic grammar of Classical Arabic: T-S Ar.31.254 and T-S 24.31

March 2012, T-S 13J24.22: Goitein and girlish prose

A response to the FOTM of March 2012 by M. A. Friedman

November 2011, T-S 13H3.11 and T-S NS 325.6: additional fragments belonging to the First Order of Fustat

Addendum to November 2011's Fragment of the Month

October 2011, T-S F13.1: the She’iltot, recycling manuscripts and Efrayim b. Shemarya

September 2011, T-S NS 284.120: a new autograph of Hilkhot ha-Yerushalmi by Maimonides

May 2011, T-S 10J7.4: ‘Only death remains for him’

April 2011, T-S Misc.25.24 and T-S Misc.8.90: a poet for all seasons

March 2011, T-S Misc.22.310: the affair of the purloined cows

February 2011, Or.1081 J39: rhubarb and dodder and absinth

January 2011, T-S AS 118.78: a new fragment of the book of Ben Sira

December 2010, T-S Ar.30.221: geography in the Genizah

November 2010, T-S NS 3.21: the oldest Hebrew fragment in the Collection?

October 2010, T-S Misc.28.98: a new letter to Maimonides

September 2010, T-S K6.181: a Judaeo-Arabic version of Ibn Bahrīz’s treatise on logic

August 2010, Mosseri III.258.1: recovering the Kuzari

July 2010, T-S K12.89: ‘Like Esther in front of Ahasuerus’

December 2009, a ketubba in palimpsest (T-S K23.3)

November 2009, two fragments (T-S AS 72.79 and T-S Ar.1a.38) of Saadiah’s tafsīr by Samuel ben Jacob

October 2009, Vis, liber zun, ikh hob dir vil brif geshribn: Yiddish letters in the Genizah

September 2009, T-S Misc.7.140: an early copy of the Guide

August 2009, T-S NS 264.56 and T-S NS 324.118, Syria’s links with the Jews of Cairo in the 15th and 16th centuries

July 2009, T-S 6H9-21, the papryus codex rebound

October 2008, T-S AS 149.178: a legal query in Judaeo-Arabic concerning a Bashful Bride

September 2008, T-S AS 145.333: keeping it in the family: the handwriting of Hillel and Ḥalfon

April 2008, T-S AS 157.50, a twitch divination text in the hand of Ḥalfon b. Manasseh

March 2008, T-S AS 159.248, T-S AS 159.247: an unidentified Indian language

February 2008, a hitherto unknown dictionary of Solomon b. Mubarrak, the Karaite (T-S NS 302.42, T-S NS 302.4)

November 2007, an Arabic translation of the Samaritan Pentateuch (T-S Ar.1a.136)

October 2007, a newly-discovered fragment of a letter written by Maimonides (T-S AS 152.86)

September 2007, ‘Destroy the life of N.N.!’, a magical recipe, T-S AS 162.51

August 2007, Moses ben Solomon of Salerno, T-S AS 143.242

July 2007, Halfon's wife, Mosseri Ia.29

June 2007, redating a leaf from a medieval Hebrew book of Tobit (T-S A45.25)

May 2007, St Augustine in the Genizah

April 2007, two new responsa of Moses Maimonides

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