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Papers of Ernest Rutherford, Baron Rutherford of Nelson (1871-1937) were transferred from the Cavendish Laboratory in May 1964. The collection contains correspondence with friends, family and other scientists, including Arthur Stewart Eve, Hans Geiger, Petr Kapitza, Sir Joseph Larmor, and Sir Joseph John Thomson. There are drafts of published papers, notes for Royal Institution lectures and other public speeches, and a substantial holding of laboratory notebooks, notes and calculations - in Rutherford's hand and in those of his assistants and colleagues - on 'Radium emanation' and related subjects. The collection also includes some biographical material, including photographs.

For the correspondence see Lawrence Badash, Rutherford Correspondence Catalog, American Institute of Physics, 1974. A detailed guide to the collections is available in the Manuscripts Reading Room. The Rutherford Papers can be made available to holders of full reader's tickets.

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