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These papers of the Austrian author Arthur Schnitzler (d. 1931) include drafts of his works, collections of source materials, film scripts, autobiographical writings, and juvenilia. There are also copies of some unpublished works, made by Schnitzler's son Heinrich.

In addition to such literary papers, the Schnitzler collection also includes an extensive series of correspondence. Here can be found letters from, among others, Robert Adam, Peter Altenberg, Hermann Bahr, Georg Brandes, Ernst von Dohnanyi, Sigmund Freud, Thomas Mann, Max Reinhardt, Gustav Schwarzkopf, and S. Fischer Verlag.

The Schnitzler papers may be consulted by all holders of full Library Reader's Tickets. A summary catalogue compiled by E. A. Blackall is available online on the ArchiveSearch database. Further relevant information is contained in G. Neumann and J. Muller, Der Nachlass Arthur Schnitzler, Munich, 1969.

A digital critical edition of Schnitzler's works, including those held by CUL is in preparation by scholars at a number of German and British universities. The project website includes:

The Arthur Schnitzler – Briefwechsel mit Autorinnen und Autoren project website includes 38 complete correspondences with over 2,500 letters from and to Schnitzler.

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