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Chamber Music

Conversations 1920
Publisher: Faber Music Duration: 14 mins
Instrumentation: fld (alto fl), obd (Cor Ang), vln, vla, vc [mvt 4: solo Cor Anglais]
Fugue for String Quartet 1916
Publisher: unpublished Duration: unknown
Instrumentation: String 4tet
Piano Quartet 1915
Publisher: Novello (withdrawn) Duration: unknown
Instrumentation: Piano, vln, vla, vc
Quintet for clarinet and string quartet 1932
Publisher: Novello Duration: 26 mins
Instrumentation: Clar.(in A), string 4tet
Quintet for oboe and string quartet 1927
Publisher: OUP Duration: 20 mins
Instrumentation: Oboe, string 4tet
Quintet for piano and string quartet 1919
Publisher: unpublished Duration: unknown
Instrumentation: Piano, string 4tet
String Quartet in A major 1914
Publisher: Stainer and Bell (withdrawn) Duration: 28 mins
Instrumentation: String 4tet
String Quartet 1923
Publisher: Manuscript Duration: 16 mins
Instrumentation: String 4tet
String Quartet in B flat 1941
Publisher: Novello Duration: 30 mins
Instrumentation: String 4tet
String Quartet 1950
Publisher: Novello Duration: 30 mins
Instrumentation: String 4tet
Toast of the Royal Household 1961
Publisher: Manuscipt Duration: 25 secs
Instrumentation: Piano, vln, vc

Voice and Chamber Ensemble

Elegaic Sonnet 1954
Publisher: Novello Duration: 8 mins
Range: F#-A' Text: Cecil Day Lewis
Instrumentation: Tenor, piano, string 4tet
A Knot of Riddles 1963
Publisher: Novello Duration: 17 mins
Range: Aflat,-G Text: trans: Kevin Crossley-Holland from the Old English of 'The Exeter Book'
Instrumentation: Baritone, 1d1 1 1 1, hp, string 4tet, db (if desired)
Madam Noy 1918
Publisher: J.&W. Chester Duration: 3:30 mins
Range: B,-G' Text: E.H.W Meyerstein
Instrumentation: Soprano, 1 0 1 1, 0 0 0 0, harp, vla, db
Rhapsody 1919
Publisher: Novello Duration: 6:44-7 mins
Range: Soprano: C-A#'; Tenor: G-A# Text: Vocalise on 'ah'
Instrumentation: Soprano, tenor, fl, Cor Ang, perc (glock, sd), hp, string 4tet
Rout (original version) 1920
Publisher: Curwen/Faber Duration: 7 mins
Range: C#-A' Text: Arthur Bliss: 'A Medley of made up words'
Instrumentation: Soprano, fl, cl, perc (glock, sd), hp, string 4tet, db
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Two Nursery Rhymes 1920
Publisher: J&W. Chester Duration: 2:17 mins
Range: 1.F#-F#' 2.E-G' Text: Frances Cornford
Instrumentation: Soprano, clar( or vla), piano
The Women of Yueh 1923
Publisher: J.&W. Chester Duration: 7:25 mins
Range: 1.F-F#' 2.G-F#' 3.D-F#' 4.D-F' 5.D-G' Text: Li-Po trans: Shigeyoshi Obata
Instrumentation: Voice, 1 1 1 1, 0 0 0 0, perc (sd, tri, glock), string 4tet, db
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