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Printed editions amended by Sir Arthur

The Bliss Archive has all the copies of printed editions owned by Sir Arthur and bequested to the Library by Lady Bliss. These are kept together in the Library in a series of boxes under the shelf mark MRS.30.1-243. Though he was a careful proof reader, some errors are to be found in the published editions. He marked up his own copies with corrections, clarifications and changes of expression and speed. Amendments that have been incorporated into later editions have not always been included, and where they are have been put in italics.

The list of amendments has been divided into three web pages, covering the years 1920-1939, 1940-1953, and 1955-1975.

However here is an alphabetical list, with links to the appropriate page:

B. 92 Adam Zero
B. 150 Angels of the mind
B. 127 Beatitudes
B. 74 Checkmate
B. 161 Concerto for cello
B. 76 Concerto, piano, orchestra
B. 102 Concerto, violin
B. 24 Conversations
B. 116 Discourse
B. 97 Enchantress
B. 64 Fanfare for heroes
B. 137 Golden cantata
B. 54 Hymn to Apollo
B. 52 Introduction and Allegro
B. 134 Knot of riddles
B. 88 March The Phoenix
B. 132 Mary of Magdala
B. 46 Masks
B. 109 Meditations of a theme by John Blow
B. 87 Miracle in the Gorbals
B. 63 Morning heroes
B. 71 Music for strings
B. 61 Pastoral
B. 101 Processional
B. 65 Quintet, clarinet, strings
B. 59 Quintets, oboe strings
B. 23 Rout
B. 96 Second string quartet
B. 62 Serenade
B. 78 Seven American poems
B. 180 Shield of faith
B. 90 Sonata for pianoforte
B. 105 Song of welcome
B. 80 String quartet no. 1
B. 91.2 Theme and cadenza (long version)
B. 69 Things to come. Concert suite (1940)
B. 118 Tobias and the angel
B. 40 Women of Yueh
B. 158 World is charged with the grandeur of God