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Piano Music

Solo works

Adam Zero (complete ballet arr.piano) 1946
Publisher: Novello Duration: 40-45 mins
For ballet score and concert suite visit Orchestral Music
Bach arr.: Das alte jahr vergangen ist 1932
Publisher: OUP Duration: unknown
Bliss: One Step 1923
Publisher: Curwen/Schirmer Duration: 2:10 mins
For orchestrated version from piano piece visit Orchestral Music
Checkmate (complete ballet arr.piano) 1937
Publisher: Novello Duration: 44-50 mins
For ballet score and concert suite visit Orchestral Music
Intermezzo for Piano 1912
Publisher: Stainer/Bell (withdrawn) Duration: 4 mins
Karen's Piece 1940
Publisher: Manuscript Duration: 1:30 mins
The Lady of Shalott 1958
Publisher: Novello Duration: 35-40 mins
For ballet score visit Music for opera/theatre
A Long-haired page in Crimson Clad (from The Lady of Shalott) 1958
Publisher: Supplement in Musical Times Duration: 35-40 mins
March of homage in honour of a Great man (arr. piano by Felton Rapley) 1965
Publisher: Chappell Duration: 4:15 mins
For orchestral arr. visit Orchestral Music: For arr. military band visit Brass and Military Band Music
Masks: Four pieces for piano 1924
Publisher: Curwen/Faber Duration: 10 mins
May-Zeeh 1910
Publisher: Gould (withdrawn) Duration: 2:35 mins
Miniature Scherzo 1969
Publisher: Novello Duration: 1:05 mins
Miracle in the Gorbals (complete ballet arr. piano) 1944
Publisher: Novello Duration: 35 mins
For ballet score and concert suite visit Orchestral Music
Royal Palace Music(arr. piano) 1966
Publisher: Chappell Duration: 5 mins
For film suite visit Music for film and radio: For arr. concert band visit Brass and Military Band Music
The Rout Trot 1927
Publisher: Curwen/Schirmer Duration: 1:40 mins
Sonata for Piano 1952
Publisher: Novello Duration: 23 mins
Study 1927
Publisher: Curwen/Faber Duration: 1:45 mins
Suite for piano 1910
Publisher: J. Williams (withdrawn) Duration: 11:35 mins
Suite for piano 1925
Publisher: Curwen/Faber Duration: 17 mins
Things to come (no.1,2,3,10) 1934
Publisher: Chappell Duration: unknown
For concert suite visit Orchestral Music: For brass, military band excerpts visit Brass and Military Band Music
Toccata for piano 1925
Publisher: Curwen/Faber Duration: 4:35 mins
Triptych for piano 1970
Publisher: Novello Duration: 14 mins
Two interludes for piano 1925
Publisher: Novello Duration: 8:20 mins
Valses Fantastiques 1913
Publisher: Stainer and Bell (withdrawn) Duration: 8:40 mins
A Wedding Suite 1974
Publisher: Manuscript Duration: 10 mins
Welcome the Queen (arr. piano) 1954
Publisher: Chappell Duration: 4:45 mins
For orchestral arr. visit Orchestral Music For arr. military band visit Brass and Military Band Music


Concerto for piano and orchestra in B flat (arr. two pianos) 1938
Publisher: Novello Duration: 35-37:25 mins
For orchestral version visit Orchestral Music
Concerto for two pianos and orchestra (arr. two pianos) 1923
Publisher: OUP Duration: 12 mins
For various orchestral versions visit Orchestral Music
Fun and Games 1970
Publisher: Novello Duration: 5 mins
Rout (arr. as a concert piece for two pianos, with optional soprano) 1920
Publisher: Curwen/Faber Duration: 7 mins
For original version visit Songs