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Instrumental Music

Christopher's Theme (incidental music from Summer Day's Dream) 1949
Publisher: Manuscript Duration: 1:20 mins
Instrumentation: violin, oboe
Enid's Blast 1968
Publisher: Manuscript Duration: 20 secs
Instrumentation: trumpet and piano
Intermezzo for viola and piano (arranged from 2nd movement of Piano Quartet in A minor) 1915, arr. 1950
Publisher: OUP Duration: 2 mins
Instrumentation: viola, piano
Play a penta 1971
Publisher: Manuscript Duration: 1:10 mins
Instrumentation: violin, chime bars, piano
Sonata for Viola and Piano 1933
Publisher: OUP Duration: 27 mins
Instrumentation: viola, piano
Sonata for Violin and Piano (one movement) 1914?
Publisher: Manuscript Duration: n/a
Instrumentation: violin, piano
Theme and Cadenza (mvts 3+4 from Memorial Concert) 1946
Publisher: EMI Duration: 6:16 mins
Instrumentation: arr. for violin, piano
Theme from Processional Interlude (Sir Arthur's contribution to a collection of music for trumpet or cello and piano presented to Prince Charles by the Performing Right Society in a volume of autograph manuscripts titled "Music for a Prince") 1970
Publisher: Manucript Duration: 3 mins
Instrumentation: A) arr. for cello, piano B) arr. for trumpet (descent), piano C) arr. for cello, trumpet, piano
Two pieces for Clarinet and Piano (1. Rhapsody, 2. Pastoral) 1916
Publisher: 1) Manuscript, location unknown - 2) Novello Duration: 3:30 mins
Instrumentation: clarinet (in A), piano