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Choral Music

Chorus and Orchestra

Baraza (movement adapted from music for the film Men of two worlds) 1945
Publisher: Manuscript Duration: 6 mins
Instrumentation: male chorus, 2d1 2+1 2+1 2+1, 4 3 3 0, 8 timp (4 players), 3 perc (bd, tri, gong, 5 players of African players/tom-toms), cel, harp, strings
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The Beatitudes 1961
Publisher: Novello Duration: 50 mins
Text: arr. Arthur Bliss, Christopher Hassall
Instrumentation: ST soli, mixed chorus, d 2 2 2 2, 4 2 3 1, timp, 2 perc (sd, td, bd, 2 cym, tub. bells, gong), org
Caesar and Cleopatra (music for Independant Production Film) 1944
Publisher: Manuscipt Duration: 35 mins
Instrumentation: Male chorus, 2d1 2d1 2 2, 4 3 3 `, s.sax, buccina (s), timp, 3 perc (2 sd, 2td, cym, gong, anvil, marimba), 2 hps, cel solo, vln, strings
Christopher Columbus (A) music for the Gainsborough Pictures Film B)Two Extracts) 1949
Publisher: Manuscipt Duration: A) 45 mins B) 4:15 mins
Instrumentation: A) (ms) mixed chorus, 2d1 2 2 1+1, 4 3 3 0, timp, 3 perc (sd, td, bd, cym, xyl, tamb, cast, bells B) (two extracts) 2 2 2 2+1, 4 3 3 0, timp, perc (sd, td, bd, cym, bells) hp, strings (doubling unchecked)
God save the Queen 1969
Publisher: Novello Duration: unknkown
Instrumentation: A) SATB chorus,3d1 3d1 3d1 3d1, 4 3 3 1, timp, 2 perc (sd, cym, glock), strings: (ab lib) fl 3(picc), ob 3 (ca), cl 3 (, fag 3 (c.fag), tpt, tuba, perc 2 B) SATB chorus, 2 2 2 2, 2 2 0 0, timp, perc (sd, cym), strings [B and A are not the same]
Golden Cantata 1963
Publisher: Novello (vs) Duration: 28 mins
Text: Kathleen Raine
Instrumentation: T solo, SATB chorus, 3d 3 2 2 2, 4 3 3 1, timp, 3 or more perc (sd, td, bd, cym, xyl, tri, glock, tub. bells, low pitch wood block), cel, hp, org. pedal, strings
Mary of Magdala 1962
Publisher: Novello Duration: 27 mins
Text: Christopher Hassall, with passages from The Gardener (Roland Watkins) adapted by Edward Sherburne
Instrumentation: AB soli, SATB chorus, orchestra
Morning Heroes (to the memory of Francis Kennard Bliss) 1930
Publisher: Novello Duration: 57-60 mins
Instrumentation: Speaker, SATB chorus, 3d1, 2+1 2+1 2+1, 4 3 3 1, timp (2 players), 2 perc (sd, td, bd, cym, gong), hp, strings (mvt 3 can be performes separately)
Pastoral: Lie strewn the White Flocks 1944
Publisher: Novello (vs of No.5 pub Octavo Choruses) Duration: 33 mins
Instrumentation: MezzoS solo, SATB chorus, fl, timp, strings (no.3: fl, orchestra, no.6: Ms solo in this number only, work may be performed without this number, which can be performed separately
A Song of Welcome 1944
Publisher: Novello Duration: 16 mins
Text: Cecil Day Lewis
Instrumentation: SBar soli, SATB chorus, 2d2 2 2 2, 4 2 3 0, timp,2 perc (sd, td, cym, tub. bells, glock), hp, strings
Two Ballads 1971
Publisher: Novello Duration: 12:30 mins
Text: 1. The mountain-plover = Ushagreaisht (A.W. Moore) -- 2. Flowers in the valley
Instrumentation: SA Chorus, 2d1 2 2 2, 2 2 0 0, timp, 2 perc (sd, bd, cym), hp, strings (No.1: 1 player for perc and timp. No.2: no hp, picc, timp and 2 perc. Both can be performed with percussion)
Welcome the Queen 1954
Original version written for the last section and end titles of the film with 2 verses set with voices for optional use in the central section with words by John Pudney

Publisher: Unpublished, manuscript missing

Duration: 5 mins
Instrumentation: male voices, 2d1 1 2 1+1, 3 4 4 1, timp and 3 perc, strings.
The World is Charged with the Grandeur of God 1969
Publisher: Novello Duration: 12:15-14 mins
Text: Gerard Manley Hopkins
Instrumentation: SATB chorus, 2 fl, 3 tpts, 4 trbs (also arr. Arthur Wills for SATB chorus and organ)

Chorus with keyboard or unaccompained

Aubade for Coronation Morning 1953
Publisher: collection: Stainer and Bell, separately: Novello Duration: 6:17 mins
Text: Henry Reed
Instrumentation: 2 S soli, SATB chorus (with divisions in all parts)
Birthday song for a Royal child 1959
Publisher: Novello Duration: 3 mins
Text: Cecil Day Lewis
Instrumentation: SATB chorus (SAB divide)
Christ is alive! Let Christians sing (Tune title: Mortlake) (Hymn) 1970
Publisher: Walton Music Corp. Duration: unknown
Text: Cecil Day Lewis  
Instrumentation: unision voices and organ (or piano)
Cradle song for a newborn child 1963
Publisher: Novello Duration: 3:40 mins
Text: Eric Crozier
Instrumentation: small SATB chorus (with divisions in all parts) and harp (or piano)
He is the way (Tune title: Santa Barbara)(Hymn) 1967
Publisher: Novello Duration: unknown
Text: W.H.Auden (from The Flight into Egypt)  
Instrumentation: unison voices and organ (or piano)
Lord, who shall abide in thy Tabernacle? (Anthem) 1968
Publisher: Novello Duration: 4:40 mins
Text: Psalm 15, vv. 1,2: Psalm 122, vv. 1, 2, 6-9
Instrumentation: SATB chorus (with divisions in all parts) and organ
Mar Portuguese 1973
Publisher: Novello Duration: 3 mins
Text: Fernando Pessoa, free translation by Alan Goodison
Instrumentation: SATB chorus
The Naiads' Music (no.5 from Pastoral:Lie strewn the white flocks 1928
Publisher: Octavo Choruses Duration: 3 mins
Text: Robert Nicholas
Instrumentation: SATB chorus, fl, timp, strings
Ode for Sir William Walton 1972
Publisher: Manuscript Duration: 5:30 mins
Text: Paul Dehn
Instrumentation: Speaker, SAB soli (from choir), SATB chorus (with divisions in all parts)
O give thanks unto the Lord (Anthem) 1965
Publisher: Novello Duration: 5:10 mins
Text: Cecil Day Lewis
Instrumentation: SATB chorus and organ
One, two, buckle my shoe 1968
Publisher: Novello Duration: 1:05 mins
Instrumentation: SS chorus and piano
Prayer of Saint Francis of Assisi 1972
Publisher: Novello Duration: 4:30 mins
Instrumentation: SSAA chorus (with optional division)
A prayer to the infant Jesus 1968
Publisher: Novello Duration: 5:25 mins
Text: English translation of Czech prayer
Instrumentation: SA soli, SSAA chorus
Put thou thy trust in the Lord (Introit) 1972
Publisher: Novello Duration: 2:45 mins
Text: Psalm 37, vv. 3-5
Instrumentation: SATB (double) chorus
River Music 1967
Publisher: Novello Duration: 7 mins
Text: Cecil Day Lewis
Instrumentation: SATB chorus (with divisions in all parts)
Seek the Lord (Anthem) 1956
Publisher: Novello Duration: 3:30 mins
Text: Amos 5, vv. 6,8
Instrumentation: SATB chorus and organ
Shield of Faith (Cantata) 1968
Publisher: Novello Duration: 35 mins
Text: 1. The Lord is risen (first verse, W. Dunbar) -- 2. Interlude: Gloria in excelsis Deo -- 3. Love (G. Herbert) -- 4. An essay on man (extracts, by A. Pope) -- 5. O yet we trust (from In memoriam, by A. Tennyson) -- 6. Little Gidding (extracts, by T.S. Eliot)
Instrumentation: SB soli, SATB chorus and organ
Sing Mortals! (A Sonnet for the Festival of St. Cecila) 1974
Publisher: Novello Duration: 5:30 mins
Text: Richard Tydeman
Instrumentation: SATB chorus and organ
Stand up and bless the Lord you God (Anthem) 1960
Publisher: Novello Duration: 8 mins
Text: Nehemiah 9, vv. 5,6; Isaiah 63, v. 15; 1 Kings 8, vv. 13, 27, 28, 30; 1 Kings 9, v. 3
Instrumentation: SB soli, SATB chorus and organ
Sweet day, so cool (Tune title: Pen Selwood) (Hymn) 1967
Publisher: Novello Duration: 2:15 mins
Text: Geogre Herbert  
Instrumentation: unison voices and organ (or piano)
Three songs for girl's or boy's voices 1967
Publisher: Novello Duration: unknown
Text: 1. Little Bingo (A farmer's dog lept over the stile) : nursery rhyme -- 2. A widow bird sate mourning (P.B. Shelley) -- 3. A New Year carol (Here we bring new water) (anonymous)
Instrumentation: 1) SSAA unaccompanied; 2) SA, piano 3) SSA unaccompanied
Two songs from the film The Beggar's Opera : for men's voices (nos. 17 and 18) 1952
1. Let us take the road / words varied by Christopher Fry ; melody from the march in Rinaldo by Handel -- 2. Fill ev'ry glass : (to the melody of "Quelle est cette odeur agréable")
Publisher: Novello (vocal score) Duration: 2:25 mins
Instrumentation: male voices, piano
Two songs from the film The Beggar's Opera : for women's voices (nos. 20 and 34) 1952
1. Youth's the season made for love -- 2. The modes of the court so common are grown : (Lillibullero)
Publisher: Novello (vocal score) Duration: 2:25 mins
Instrumentation: female voices, piano
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The World is charged with the gradeur of God 1969
Publisher: Novello Duration: 12:15-14 mins
Text: Gerard Manley Hopkins
Instrumentation: arr. by Arthur Wills for SATB chorus and organ