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List of Works: Alphabetical order

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ABC Television 1956 (signature and interval music)
Adam Zero 1946 (orchestral also arr.piano)
Allegro 1927 (string quartet, incomplete)
American Poems (2) 1940 (voice, piano)
American Poems (7) 1940 (voice, piano)
An Age of Kings 1960 (orchestral)
Angels of the mind 1969 (voice, piano)
As you like it 1919 (solo voices, chorus, strings)
At the window 1925 (voice, piano)
Aubade for the cornonation morning 1953 (chorus, unaccomp.)
Auvergnat 1943 (medium voice, piano)
Ballads (2) 1971 (female voices, orchestra)
Ballads for Four Seasons, The 1923 (voice, piano)
Bach arr. Chorlas from St. John Passion 1960 (arr. for brass)
Bach arr. Das alte Jahr vergangen ist 1932 (arr. for piano solo)
Beatitudes, The 1961 (chorus, orchestra)
Beggars Opera, The 1952 (orchestral)
Belmont Variations 1963 (brass, military band)
Birthday greeting for Her Majesty, A 1955 (orchestral)
Birthday fanfare for Sir Henry Wood 1944 (fanfare)
Birthday greetings to the Croydon Symphony Orchestra 1971 (fanfare)
Birthday songs for a Royal child 1959 (chorus, unaccomp.)
Bliss: One Step 1923 (orchestrated from piano score)
Caesar and Cleopatra 1944 (orchestral)
Call to adventure 1962 (brass, military band)
Ceremonial prelude 1965 (orchestral)
Checkmate 1937 (orchestral, also arr. piano solo)
Child's Prayer, A 1926 (voice, piano)
Christ is alive! Let christians sing 1970 (chorus, unaccomp.)
Christopher Columbus 1949 (orchestral)
Christopher's theme (from Summer day's dream) 1949 (violin, oboe)
Colour Symphony, A 1921, revised 1932 (orchestral)
Concertos, cello, orchestra 1970 (orchestral, arr. instrumental)
Concertos, piano, orchestra : B flat Major 1938 (orchestral)
Concertos, piano, tenor,strings, percussion 1920, revised 1923 (orchestral)
Concertos, piano (2), orchestra 1924 (concerto of above rewritten)
Concertos, violin, orchestra 1955 (orchestral and alos instr. arr.)
Contrasts (2) 1972 (string orchestra)
Conquest of the air 1937 (orchestral)
Conversations 1920 (chamber music)
Cradle song for a newborn child 1963 (chorus, unaccomp.)
Discourse for Orchesta 1957, recomp.1965 (orchestral)
Dominion greetings 1935 (fanfare)
Edinburgh 1965 (orchestral)
Elegaic sonnet 1954 (tenor voice, ensemble)
Fallow deer at the lonely house 1924 (voice, piano)
Fanfare for a coming of age 1973
Fanfare for a dignified occasion 1938
Fanfare for heroes 1930
Fanfare for the Commonwealth Arts Festival 1965
Fanfare for the Lord Major of London 1967
Fanfare for the National Fund for Research into Crippling Diseases 1973
Fanfare, homage to Shakespere 1964
Fanfare preceding the National Anthem 1960
Fanfare prelude for orchestra 'Macclesfield' 1966
First guards 1956 (brass, military band)
Fugue for string quartet 1916 (chamber music)
Fun and games 1970 (piano duet)
Gala fanfare 1962
God save the Queen, arr. 1969 (chorus, orchestra)
Golden cantata 1963 (chorus, orchestra)
Greetings to a city 1961 (fanfare)
Hammers, The 1915 (voice, piano)
He is the way 1967 (chorus, unaccomp.)
Heritage of Britain 1950 (orchestral signature tunes for BBC Radio)
High Sheriff's fanfare 1963
Hymn to Apollo 1926, revised 1965 (orchestral)
Interludes (2) 1925 (piano)
Intermezzo 1912 (piano, currently withdrawn)
Intermezzo, viola, piano 1914? (arr. instr. of Piano Quartet in A minor)
Introduction and allegro 1926, revised 1937 (orchestral)
Jubilant and three solemn fanfare 1935
Karen's piece 1940 (?)
Kenilworth 1936 (brass, military band)
King Solomon 1924 (instrumentation unknown)
Knot of riddles 1963 (voice, ensemble)
Lady of Shalott, The 1958 (ballet, also known as The Towers)
Lancaster-prelude 1974 (fanfare)
Let the people sing 1960 (two fanafares)
Linburn Air 1965 (brass, military)
Lord, who shall abide in thy tabernacle? 1968 (chorus, unaccomp.)
Madam Noy 1918 (voice, ensemble)
March of homage in honour of a great man 1965 (Orchestral, also arr. piano solo and organ solo)
Mar Portuguese 1973 (chorus, unaccomp.)
Mary of Magdala 1962 (chorus, unaccomp.)
Masks 1924 (four pieces for piano)
May-Zeeh 1910 (piano)
Meditations on a theme by John Blow 1955 (orchestral)
Melee fantastique 1921, revised 1937, 1965 (orchestral)
Memorial concert 1946 (orchestral)
Men of the world 1945 (chorus and orchestra)
Metmorphic variations 1972 (orchestral)
Miracle in th Gorbals 1944 (orchestral suites, also arr. piano solo)
Morning heroes 1930 (chorus, orchestra)
Mortlake 1970 (hymn tune to Christ is alive let Christians sing)
Music for a prince 1970 (instrumental)
Music for strings 1935 (string orchestra)
Music for the wedding of Princess Anne 1973 (fanfare)
Narcissus and Echo 1931 (voice, ensemble)
Nursery rhymes (2) 1920 (soprano, ensemble)
Ode for Sir William Walton 1972 (chorus, unaccomp.)
O give thanks unto the Lord 1965 (chorus, unaccomp.)
Olympians, The 1948 (opera)
One, two, buckle my shoe 1968 (chorus, unaccomp.)
Pack clouds away 1960's (sprano, bass, voices, piano - incomplete)
Pastoral 'Lie strewn the white flocks' 1928 (chorus, orchestra)
Peace fanfare for children 1944
Pen Selwood 1967 (hymn tune to Sweet day, so cool)
Pieces (2) 1916 (clarinet, piano)
Play a penta 1971 (chamber music)
Polonaise 1925 (orchestral)
Praeludium 1971 (organ)
Prayer of St Francis of Assisi 1972 (chorus, unaccomp.)
Prayer to the infant Jesus, A 1968 (chorus, unaccomp.)
Presense au combat 1945 (orchestral)
Prince of Wales investiture music 1969 (fanfare)
Processional 1953 (orchestral, march)
Purcell arr. Set of Act tunes and dances 1921 (arr. string orchestra)
Put thou thy trust in the Lord 1972 (chorus, unaccomp.)
Pyanepsion 1922 (last mvt of original Colour Symphony)
Quartet, piano, strings 1915 (chamber music)
Quartet, strings: A Major 1914 (chamber music)
Quartet, strings 1923 (chamber music)
Quartet, strings, no.1: B flat major 1941 (chamber music)
Quartet, strings, no.2 1950 (chamber music)
Quintets, clarinet, strings 1932 (chamber music)
Quintets, oboe, strings 1927 (chamber music)
Quintets, piano, strings 1919 (chamber music)
Rhapsody 1919 (sprano, tenor, ensemble)
Rich or poor 1925 (voice, piano)
Right of the line, The 1965 (fanfare)
River music 1967 (chorus, unaccomp.)
Romantic Songs (3) 1921 (voice, piano)
Rout 1920 (soprano, ensemble)
Rout 1920? (arr. two pianos)
Rout trot, The 1927 (piano)
Royal fanfares and interludes 1960 (also arr. organ)
Royal Offering ? (orchestral)
Royal palace music 1966 (orchestral)
Sailing or flying 1970 (voice, piano)
Salute to Lehigh University 1968 (brass, military band)
Salute to painting, A 1953 (fanfare)
Salute to the RAF 1956 (fanfare)
Salute to the Royal Society 1960 (fanfare)
Santa Barbara 1967 (hymn tune to He is the way)
Seek the lord 1956 (chorus, unaccomp.)
Serenade 1929 (baritone, orchestra)
Service of the order of the Bath 1956 (fanfare)
Seven waves away 1956 (orchestral)
Shield of faith 1974 (chorus, unaccomp.)
Simples 1932 (voice, piano)
Sinding arr. Fire dance 1921 (arr. orchestra)
Sing mortals! 1974 (chorus, unaccomp.)
Sonatas, piano 1952 (instrumental)
Sonatas, viola, piano 1933 (instrumental)
Sonatas, violin, piano 1914 (instrumental, incomplete)
Song of a man who has come through 1960's (soprano, bass, piano)
Song of welcome 1954 (chorus, orchestra)
Song for girls or boys voices (3) 1967 (chorus, unaccomp.)
Songs (3) 1923, revised 1972 (voice, piano)
Songs (4) 1927 (voice, ensemble)
  1973 (orchestral)
Stand up and bless the lord your God 1960 (chorus, unaccomp.)
Studies (2) 1920 (orchestral)
Study 1927 (piano)
Suite, piano 1910 (piano)
Suite, piano 1925 (piano)
Summer day's dream (Christopher's theme) 1949 (violin, oboe)
Sweet day, so cool 1967 (chorus, unaccomp.)
Tempest, The 1921 (voice, ensemble)
Theme and Cadenza 1946
Things to come 1934 (orchestral, also also arr. piano)
Three jolly gentlemen 1923 (voice, piano)
Tis time I think by Wenlock TOwn 1914 (voice, piano)
Toast of the Royal household 1961 (chamber music)
Tobias and the angel 1960 (opera)
Toccatas 1925 (piano)
Tramps, The 1916 (voice, piano)
Triptych 1970 (piano)
Tulips 1970 (voice, piano)
Two Love Songs 1929 (Baritone, orchestra)
Twone, the house of felicity 1923 (orchestral)
Valses fantastiques 1913 (piano)
War in the air 1954 (orchestral)
Wedding Suite, A 1974 (piano)
Welcome the Queen 1954 (orchestral, also arr. piano solo)
When I was one and twenty 1923 (voice, piano)
Women of Yueh, The 1923 (soprano, orchestra)
World is charged with the grandeur of God, The 1969 (chorus, orchestra)
Your questions answered 1944 (orchestral)