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By the farmyard gate : 4 pieces for piano 
1. The duck pond -- 2. A ride on Dobbin -- 3. Sheep in the paddock -- 4. Swinging on the gate
Dedication "To Peter" i.e. Olive Alwyn, Alwyn's first wife.
Published: London: Joseph Williams, 1934. Written between 1928-1934 
Location of manuscript unknown


Concertos, piano, no. 1
3(picc)2(ca)2(bcl)2.4231.timp.perc.harp.strings with solo piano
Dedication : "For Clifford Curzon"
Archive has autograph manuscript score, bound, in ink, signed and dated "London August 1930-June 1931; revised 1932." Also has a piano reduction with Clifford Curzon's signature in blue pencil
The Royal Academy of Music has a set of parts, some of which are in Alwyn's hand
MS.Alwyn.1.2.33 (Score) and MS.Alwyn.1.2.34 (Piano score)


Contes barbares : [homage to Paul Gauguin] : for piano
1. Auti te pape—Women at the River (Allegretto) -- 2. Le Vivo—Danse Tahitienne (Allegro moderato) -- 3. Manao Tapapau—She dreams of returning [calm and quiet] (Andante tranquillo) -- 4. Dance Fragment (Allegro ma non troppo) -- 5. Nevermore (Slow and poignant) -- 6. Te Atua—The Gods (Allegro barbare) -- 7. The devil speaks
Recorded by Ashley Wass on William Alwyn piano music 2. Naxos 8.570464. Recorded at Crear Studios, Lochgilphead, Argyll, 30th June - 2nd July, 2007. For further details see Naxos
Manuscript is at the British Library. AddMs 64966,ff.10-35
Archive has autograph manuscript preliminary ink score of individual movements, signed and dated "June 12, 1932, Gwyra, NSW," "June, 1932, Brisbane, Queensland," "London, July 9"
Archive also has photocopy of finished version assembled to facilitate page turns. Completed version runs : 1. Auti te pape—Women at the River -- 2. Le Vivo—Danse Tahitienne -- 3. Manao Tapapau—She Dreams of Returning -- 4. Dance Fragment -- 5. Nevermore -- 6. Te Atua (The Gods)
For more information on Gauguin's painting see Artchive


2 folk tunes arranged for cello and piano
1. Meditation on a Norwegian folk song fragment -- 2. Who’ll buy my besoms?
Dedication "For Douglas Cameron" 
Recorded by Watson Forbes and Maria Korchinska, December 1940. Decca K941/3
Archive has Who'll buy my besoms? MS.Alwyn.3I.-- Also reviews MS.Alwyn.


Haze of noon : for piano
Dedication "To Peter" 
Published Oxford : Oxford University Press, 1926. Oxford piano series ; no. 63. 
Recorded by Ashley Wass on William Alwyn piano music 1. Naxos 8.570359. Recorded at St. George's, Brandon Hill, Bristol, 23rd-25th August. 2006. For further details see Naxos
Location of manuscript unknown


Hunter's moon : 3 pieces for piano
1. Midsummer magic -- 2. The darkening wood -- 3. Ride by night 
Dedication "To Jonathan" i.e. Jonathan Alwyn
Recorded by Ashley Wass on William Alwyn piano music 2. Naxos 8.570464. Recorded at Crear studios, Lochgilphead, Argyll, 30th June-2nd July 2007. For further details see Naxos
Location of manuscript unknown. Archive has a review MS/Alwyn/1/8/7


The Marriage of Heaven and Hell
Words by William Blake
3(picc)3(ca)3(bcl)3(contra).4331.3timp.perc.organ.harp.strings. Soloists (SATB) and double chorus 
Archive has manuscript score in ink, bound, signed and dated "London, 1933-1938. February 1938" Also has manuscript score in ink of sections of the larger work


Midsummer night : suite for piano
1. The Trysting Oak -- 2. There Sleeps Titania -- 3. Faery Lands Forlorn -- 4. The Piper’s Fancy 
Composed between 1928-1936 
Published: Manchester : Forsyth brothers, c1936 
Location of manuscript unknown. Archive has a review MS/Alwyn/1/8/82


The orchard : six pieces for piano
1. Peach-bloom -- 2. A rest in the shade -- 3. The pear tree is laden with fruit -- 4. A windfall of apples -- 5. The cherry orchard -- 6. Ripe plums
Published: London: Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music, c1949. 
Archive has manuscript score, part holograph, part an unknown hand. Also includes another short piece originally intended to form part of this set, Round the mulberry bush, which was rejected by the Associated Board. MS/Alwyn/1/3P/42. Archive also has a review MS/Alwyn/1/8/94


Over the stile and back again : for piano
Originally intended to form part of The orchard, Alwyn removed this prior to publication
Archive has manuscript score, holograph in pencil MS/Alwyn/1/3P/43


Songs of innocence
For voice and piano, or voice and string quartet - except for no. 7 which is for voice and string quartet only.
Words by William Blake
1. Piping down the valley wild -- 2. The blossom -- 3. The little lamb -- 4. Spring -- 5. The echoing green -- 6. Nurse's song -- 7. The divine image -- 8. The little black boy -- 9. Infant joy -- 10. Laughing song -- 11. The little boy lost -- 12. The little boy found.
Archive has autograph manuscript in ink or pencil for some of the songs : The little black boy "RMS Ostranto, June 2, 1932", The blossom, The little boy lost "May 9", Spring "May 10", The echoing green "May 12, 1931", Nurse's song "May 15, 1931", Laughing song "May 16, 1931", The divine image "May 20, 1931", and autograph sketches in pencil for The lamb


Valse semplice : "Echoes" : for piano
1. Prelude (for the black & white notes) -- 2. Aria. Part playing -- 3. Puppet show. Crossing hands -- Reflections (contrary motion)
Archive has manuscript score. Includes sketches for an incomplete unrelated work. 


Wooden walls : suite of sea pieces for piano
Probably written between 1928-1936
1. Riding at anchor (gently rocking) -- 2. Poor Jack (Andante) -- 3. Powder monkey (Allegro con spirito) -- 4. Heading for harbour (Moderato) 
Published by Forsyth Bros., 1935 
Location of manuscript unknown