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Air outpost
Music for the documentary film, directed by John Taylor and Ralph Keene, produced by Strand Film Company for Imperial Airways, 1937 (see BFI database)
Instrumental ensemble. 1(picc)1((ca)11.0210.timp.perc.1vlc
Cues : Title music -- Arab music -- Organized activity -- Night sequence -- Final sequence.
Archive has autograph manuscript in ink, signed and dated at end of work "William Alwyn, London 1937"


Animal kingdom
Title music for the documentary film series "The animal kingdom", produced by Strand Films in 1937-1938. See BFI database
For wind ensemble and percussion. 1011.0210.perc.
Theme tune is based on The animals came in two by two
Archive has autograph manuscript in ink signed


Bath : Of all the gay places
Full title is Of all the gay places : an interlude in Bath
Music for the documentary film, directed by William Pollard, and produced by the Strand Film Company for TIDA (Travel and Industrial Development Association), 1938. See BFI database
For chamber orchestra, 1121.0200.timp.str.
Cues (from piano score) : Title music -- King Bladud -- Pigs -- Romans -- Roman girl massaged -- Water -- The Romans leave -- Medieval (stone walls) -- Carolean (map) -- Architecture sequence -- Beau Nash -- Modern girl -- Air. Street bustle -- Water followed by tourists at the baths -- Modern medical baths -- Girl -- Stretcher lowered -- Modern sports sequence -- Final sequence (beginning with river scene)
Archive has autograph sketches in ink, autograph score in ink, and autograph piano score in ink. All with pencilled annotations
MS.Alwyn.1.1.79 (Sketches),MS.Alwyn.1.1.80 (Score), MS.Alwyn.1.1.81 (Piano score)
Archive also has cue-sheets. MS.Alwyn.1.14.88.


Probably one of the films in the Animal Kingdom series.
Cues : Butterflies -- Chrysallis -- Developing into ant theme -- lepidopts [sic] tune
Archive has autograph sketches in pencil


Conquest of the air
Alwyn's contribution to the score was an arrangement of the aria from La Belle Arsène by Pierre-Alexandre Monsigny for the London Film Productions film, produced by Alexander Korda, directed by Alexander Shaw and Donald Taylor. See BFI database
Location of arrangement unknown


Free to roam : or, Whipsnade freedom
Music for the documentary film directed by Paul Burnford and Stuart Legg, produced by Stuart Legg in association with the Royal Zoological Society. Part of the first Animal Kingdom series produced by Strand Films. See BFI database
For 1111.0000.perc.1st and 2nd violins.cello
Cues 1 Huskies -- 2. Polar bear etc. -- Brown bear -- 3. Transport -- 4. Running sequence & final section -- Birds settling & dusk sequence.
Archive has ink full score with performance markings in pencil and blue crayon, signed on the cover and signed and dated at end "December 1937"


Future's in the air
Music for the documentary film, directed by Alexander Shaw, produced by Paul Rotha for Strand Film Company on behalf of Imperial Airways, 1937, with commentary by Graham Greene. 
See BFI database
For chamber ensemble.
Cues : Air music -- 1. Take off & across Europe -- Extra. Flight theme -- 3. Athens -- 4. Egypt -- 5. Flight over Persia (Near East) -- 6. (Arab music) Bahrein [sic] -- 7. Flight across Arabia (Baluchistan) -- 8. India -- 9. Flight across India -- 10. Bangkok -- 11. Angkor -- 12. Singapore. a) Dusk (Night landing) ; b) City bustle -- 13. Bali -- 14. Flight over the Timor sea -- 15. Australia
Archive has autograph manuscript in ink, signed, with amendments and annotations in pencil


Harlequin's Child
Incidental music for a play
For voice, flute and violoncello
Archive has holograph score in pencil. MS.Alwyn.1.5.18


Music for the documentary film produced by Strand Films probably in 1938. Lifeboats may be a working title only.
For chamber orchestra. 1111.0210.perc.cello
Cues : Elephants -- English Oak -- Delivery of boat -- Storm sequence. 
Archive has autograph manuscript in ink, signed and dated "W.A. Aug. 1937". Also includes performance markings. MS.Alwyn.1.1.5


Monkey into man 
Documentary short. Part of the first series of The Animal Kingdom, 1938. See BFI database
1111.0000.perc.str.(1st and 2nd violins and cellos)
Archive has autograph manuscript in ink signed
Cues : 1. Man with monkey -- 2. Baboons ; Threatening ; Fight -- 3. Gibbons -- 4. Chimps' dance -- 5. Change to aboriginals -- 6. Final section.
Archive has ink full score with performance markings in blue and red pencil. Signed and dated at end "December 1937"


Mountain scenes 
Suite for cello and piano.
1. In the Canoe (Allegretto) -- 2. Emerald Lake (Andante e tranquillo) -- 3. On the Trail (Allegro ma non troppo)
Published: Schott, 1937; Schott’s Cello Series No. 6, 1971.
Archive has sketches. MS.Alwyn.1.3V.10/span>


Two Russian folk tunes 
Arranged for flute quartet
Location of manuscript unknown


Zoo babies
Working title was probably Care of the young. See BFI database
1011.0000.1st and 2nd violins,cello
Cues : 1. Fish (moderato) -- 2. Wallaby -- 3. Ducks, Brusk turkey, Mice, Mice fight (andante—allegro) -- 4. Tapir, Mammals, Animals suckling, Animals running, Carnivore, Tiger cubs, Lemur (piu mosso—giocoso) -- 5. Baboons (moderato) -- 6. Human sequence (allegretto)
No manuscript has been found for this title, but the Archive has a score entitled Zoo Films: Care of the Young; it seems probable that this is the manuscript for Zoo Babies. Ink full score, signed but not dated headed "Zoo Films: Title Music."
Archive also has cue-sheet. MS.Alwyn.1.14.148-149.