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English overture : the innumerable dance
For orchestra
Recorded by the Royal Liverpool Philharmonic conducted by David Lloyd-Jones on William Alwyn orchestral music 5. Naxos 8.570144. Recorded in the Philharmonic Hall, Liverpool, 19th-22nd January, 2006. For further details see Naxos
Archive has autograph score in ink. Bound, signed and dated "November 1933" includes conductor's markings and timings. Also a set of parts principally in the composer's hand


Innumerable dance 
See English overture


Six Irish folk tunes : for flute, violin, viola, and harp
Dedication "For Gordon Walker" 
Dated July 1933
Location of manuscript unknown
Archive has photocopy of holograph MS/Alwyn/1/3I/3 and a review MS/Alwyn/1/8/76


Three Irish tunes
For piano
1. As through the woods I chanced to roam -- 2. The Little Cuckoo of Ard Patrick -- 3. The Fairy Nurse’s Song
Archive has manuscript score in ink, and a further tune The Ladies Fancy, or The Piper’s Finish. These tunes were re-used later in the 1930's to form Alwyn's Irish suite


Seven Negro spirituals
For piano
1. I’ve just come from the fountain -- 2. I’m troubled in mind -- 3. In the river of Jordan -- 4. The ten virgins -- 5. This old time religion -- 6. I ain’t going to die no more -- 7. I’ll hear the trumpet sound
Archive has autograph manuscript score in ink


Over the stile and home again
For piano
This was originally intended to be the last item in the set of piano pieces The orchard
Archive has autograph score in ink, signed and dated "London, October 1933"


For soprano and piano. There is also a version for soprano and orchestra
Words by Roy Campbell
Dedication: "For Lesley Duff"
Archive has autograph score in ink, signed and dated "London, March 1933." Also manuscript score in ink orchestrated for 22(ca)22.4200.2harps.str.


Quartets, strings, B minor
String quartet no. 11 (First sequence)
1. Andante ma non troppo—Allegro con brio -- 2. Andante e semplice -- 3. Moderato e quieto
Dedication: "For my wife"
Archive has autograph score in ink, signed and dated "Tatsfield & London, April-May 1933." Also set of parts in ink in composer's hand, signed and dated


Sleeping Beauty
Incidental music for a play by T.E. Ellis
Location of manuscript unknown


Sonatina for piano and orchestra
Archive has autograph piano score in ink, with no indication of orchestration. Signed and dated "London, December 1933"
This would metamorphose into the Oboe Sonata dated January 1934. The manuscript the Archive has for the Oboe Sonata is virtually identical to the Sonatina with the rough section properly fleshed out. It is likely that the Sonatina is actually a rough draft for the sonata
MS.Alwyn.1.2.45 (Sonatina sketches), MS.Alwyn.1.3O.2 (Oboe sonata)


Sonatina for violin and piano
1. Allegro e grazioso -- 2. Adagio -- 3. Vivace
Published : London : Stainer & Bell, 2010 
Recorded by Madeleine Mitchell and Andrew Ball on William Alwyn Chamber music and songs. Naxos 8.570340. Recorded at Potton Hall, Westleton, Suffolk on the 18th August, 2008. For further details see Naxos
Archive has autograph score in ink, signed and dated "London, May-June 1933," a photocopy of the solo violin part, and accompanying correspondence from Peter Stroud.


Songs of experience
For voice and piano.
Words by William Blake
1. The Lilly -- 2. A poison tree -- 3. Ah, Sunflowers! -- 4. My pretty rose-tree
Manuscript is at the BBC Music Library: Ms.22791
Archive has autograph scores in ink, initialled and dated for The lilly and Ah Sunflowers!. Dated "August 1933"