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From Ireland
Seven traditional tunes for the piano
1. The Gobby -- 2. The dove -- 3. Lady Gordon’s minuet -- 4. Blackbirds and thrushes -- 5. The lullaby : A peasant woman croons an old nursery song while she rocks her child to sleep -- 6. Lord Robert and Fair Ellen—Tune of the Old English ballad as sung in County Mayo -- 7. Cousin Frog went out : Fa lee linkin’ laddy oh
Published London : Keith Prowse, 1931
Recorded by Havelock Nelson in the BBC Sound Archive. MG1-19432 (6 August 1953) and LP-26255 (11 August 1960)
Location of manuscript is unknown
Archive has reviews MS.Alwyn.1.8.69


Gamest toast
For piano
Dedication : To Peter ("Peter" was Olive Alwyn's nickname)
Archive has holograph score in pencil. Also includes I'll make my love a breast of glass, and 2 sketches of unidentified works for string quartet or orchestra


I'll make my love a breast of glass
For piano
See Gamest toast


For piano
Dedication : "For my dearest wife - Peter Mary" (i.e. Olive Alwyn
Archive has autograph score, which also includes rough sketches of a song Riding, sketches for simple, unidentified piano pieces, and further sketches for a more complex work for piano. Simpler works are in pencil, more complex piano piece is in ink


Probably for piano. There are some indications that it was intended to be orchestrated
Autograph sketches in pencil, signed.


For voice and piano
See Mayday above