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Are your files ready for the Deposit Service?

Individual files, or multiple files, can be uploaded to the Deposit Service.

It is not possible to upload a directory containing multiple files, or sub-directories to the Deposit Service.

If the files you plan to transfer to Cambridge University Libraries are stored in a directory (or multiple directories), please refer to guidance on creating compressed files. A compressed file is a single packet containing directories and their contents.

Prepare a spreadsheet/list

Your knowledge about how the digital materials were originally created, used and managed is extremely valuable. It provides essential context to ensure that they can continue to be understood and used.

Prepare a list (ideally a spreadsheet) of the files and directories you plan to transfer.  Spreadsheet templates are available below. 

Transfer your list and any other background information you have about the digital files together with the files.

Spreadsheet templates

Working with the templates

  • Click on one of the links (below) to download a metadata template.
  • Rename the file and save it to a suitable location.
  • Make a note of the file name and location.
  • If you have access to Microsoft Excel, you may find the layout and formatting of the first two spreadsheets in the list below easiest to work with. 

Contents of the spreadsheet templates

  • row 1: header with name of each column 
  • row 2: explanation/further information 
  • subsequent rows: sample data for illustration purposes 

Links to download templates

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