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In the Preface the author gives a brief indication of the changes in the character of the activities of the Royal Greenwich Observatory during the period that it was based at Herstmonceux Castle in Sussex. Then he gives an account of the structure of this "personal history", which is primarily concerned with the changing national and international activities in which he was involved, but which also describes in lesser detail the wide range of other activities of the staff.

The content list for each chapter or appendix is given on the appropriate web page, but the whole contents may be downloaded here.

Volume 1          
    Preface and full contents  
Chapter 1 Prologue  
  2 The first stage of the move 1948-1955
  3 Completion of the move and consolidation 1956-1965
  4 Change of Control—Phase 1 1965-1971
  5 S.R.C. Takes Control 1972-1981
  6 End of an Era—Alec Boksenberg 1981-1990
  7 The Move To Cambridge And Closure 1990-1998
  8 Epilogue : Review, with Hindsight, of Principal Decisions  
Volume 2        
    Full contents  
Appendix A Reviews    
  B Various Notes    
  C Staff    
  D RGO Club    
  E Facilities    
  F Publications    
  G References    
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  Contents pages 7 - 14;  169 Kbytes
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