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Appendix E is concerned primarily with the buildings, telescopes and equipment at Herstmonceux. It includes descriptions of the Castle and nearby buildings at the time of the move to Herstmonceux as well as of the later West Buildings and the extensions to the north. The buildings and telescopes of the Spencer Jones Group and the Equatorial Group are described briefly, but no further detail is given about the facilities on La Palma except that a subsection gives further information about the Carlsberg Automatic Meridian Circle. Notes on calculating machines and the many computers that were used are included, but no detail is given about measuring machines and instruments for telescopes, although the author would welcome contributions about them.

E.1 Herstmonceux Castle and nearby buildings
E.1.1    The Castle
E.1.2 Buildings near the Castle
E.2 Buildings in the West Building area
E.2.1 The main part of the West Building
E.2.2 The northward extensions of the West Building
E.3 Telescopes and their associated buildings
E.3.1 The Solar/SLR Dome
E.3.2 The Meridian/Spencer Jones Group
E.3.3 The Equatorial Group
E.3.4 The Isaac Newton Telescope
E.3.5 The Carlsberg Automatic Meridian Circle
E.4 Scientific equipment (except telescopes)
E.4.1 Computing and related equipment
E.4.2 Measuring machines
E.4.3 Instruments for telescopes
E.4.4 Workshop facilities
E.5 The gardens and grounds


Download: Appendix E pages 88-97;  142 Kbytes