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Appendix A consists of three unpublished articles by the author. The first serves as a summary of a general history of the RGO at Herstmonceux, while the second is concerned in more detail with the activities of the Nautical Almanac Office and the Time Department. The third is concerned primarily with the activities of direct interest to the author and is complementary to the first article.

A.1 A review of the history of the RGO, 1948-1990
A.1.1    Introductory remarks
A.1.2 Early history
A.1.3 End of Spencer Jones era — 1949-1955
A.1.4 Woolley period — 1956-1971
A.1.5 Period of change — 1972-1981
A.1.6 Period of decline — 1981-1990
A.1.7 Concluding remarks
A.2 Review of almanacs and time activities
A.3 Recollections of the Royal Greenwich Observatory, 1951-1990
A.3.1 1951-1965
A.3.2 1965-1981
A.3.3 1981-1990


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