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The author retired just before this move took place and so Chapter 7 is concerned primarily with the unexpected decision to close the RGO completely at the end of 1998 only a few years after the move that involved much expense and unproductive effort. Some of the activities of particular interest to the author are described briefly and he also mentions his own activities that were related to the history of the RGO and of the projects with which he had been concerned.

7.1 Introduction
7.2 Reviews of policy by SERC and PPARC
7.3 Activities at Cambridge
7.3.1    H. M. Nautical Almanac Office
7.3.2 The RGO Library
7.3.3 The RGO Archives
7.3.4 The RGO collection of astronomical plates
7.3.5 Satellite Laser Ranging Department
7.3.6 The RGO Club, reunions and the RGO Society
7.4 Herstmonceux Castle and the International Study Centre
7.5 Old Royal Observatory at Greenwich
7.6 Conferences relating to the RGO and NAO


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