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Appendix D gives a general overview of the many and varied social and sporting activities in the RGO Club. It also contains lists of sources of further information, but only a few of the subsections on the individual activities contain any significant details — the author would welcome the assistance of others who were involved in these activities.

D.1 General overview, 1948 to 1956
D.1.1    Organisation and facilities
D.1.2 Early activities
D.2 Changes in 1957 to 1960
D.3 General overview 1957 to 1990
D.3.1 1957 to 1971
D.3.2 1972-1981
D.3.3 1981-1990
D.3.4 1990-1998
D.3.5 1999-2009
D.4 Principal officers of the RGO Club
D.5 Lists of sources of information about Club activities
D.5.1 The Castle Review
D.5.2 RGO Club Information Bulletin
D.5.3 Annual reports and minutes
D.5.4 Other sources
D.6 Reviews of individual Club activities INCOMPLETE
D.6.1 Indoor sports
D.6.2 Social activities
D.6.3 Outdoor sports
D.6.4 Other outdoor activities


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