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This chapter begins with a review of the impact of the appointment of Richard Woolley as the Astronomer Royal on the character of the work of the RGO, such as the priority given to astrophysical research and the use of overseas telescopes in, for example, South Africa. The completion of the new buildings and of the moves of staff was marked by a visit by the Duke of Edinburgh. The activities of the departments, including the acquisition of an electronic computer and the expansion of the engineering work, are described in turn. The final section includes notes on the libraries and archives and on the annual summer vacation courses for students that proved to be very successful.

3.1 The impact of Richard Woolley
3.1.1    Career and appointment of Woolley
3.1.2 Policy on activities and administration of the RGO: Priority to astrophysical research; Attitude to space research and radio astronomy; New RGO publications; Relationships with staff
3.1.3 External relations: Royal Observatory at the Cape of Good Hope; Use of other overseas telescopes; Anglo-Australian Observatory; Herstmonceux conferences; University of Sussex
3.1.4 Woolley's other interests
3.2 Completion of the new buildings and moves of staff
3.2.1 The West Building
3.2.2 The Equatorial Group
3.2.3 The Meridian Group
3.2.4 Magnetic and meteorological stations
3.2.5 Visit by the Duke of Edinburgh
3.3 Departmental developments
3.3.1 H. M. Nautical Almanac Office: Publications; Computers; Research activities; International Astronomical Union
3.3.2 Meridian, Time and Chronometer Departments: Observational activities; Time service; Chronometers
3.3.3 Solar and geophysical studies: Solar observations; Magnetic and meteorological operations; Kinetheodolite observations
3.3.4 Astrophysics and astrometry: Appointments; Observing at Herstmonceux; Use of telescopes in other countries
3.3.5 Aspects of Engineering
3.4 General matters
3.4.1 Annual reports
3.4.2 The RGO and NAO Libraries
3.4.3 The RGO Archives
3.4.4 The Secretariat
3.4.5 Training and students
3.4.6 The RGO Club
3.4.7 NAO Reunion in 1963


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