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Volume 2 of this Personal History of the Royal Greenwich Observatory consists of appendices that contain much background information and supplementary detail that would be inappropriate in the chronological narrative in Volume 1. Each appendix refers to a broad topic for the whole period and many of them give references to further information. The preface to this volume gives background information about the sources used for the narrative and about the brief forms of the references given in it. The Preface is followed by a full list of the contents of the volume.

Volume 2   Contents
    Sources and References
    Contents of Appendices
Appendix A     Reviews
  B Various Notes
  C Staff
  D RGO Club
  E Facilities
  F Publications
  G References
Download: Title pages, Preface, References pages 1-4;  118 Kbytes
  Contents of Volume 2 : Appendices pages 5-8;  121 Kbytes
  Preliminaries to Volume 2 pages 1-8;  129 Kbytes