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Appendix G contains lists of books, papers and some unpublished notes of historical interest about both people and activities. It is divided into sections by subject matter and into subsections by the form of the item. One section is for obituaries and biographical articles about staff who served at Herstmonceux. Another section lists items about RGO staff and activities in the SRC house magazine Quest between 1968 and 1978.

G.1 General history of the Observatory
G.1.1    Books
G.1.2 Papers
G.1.3 Minor items and unpublished notes
G.2 The Astronomers Royal and Superintendents of NAO
G.2.1 Books
G.2.2 Papers
G.2.3 Articles in biographical dictionaries
G.3 Longitude and time
G.3.1 Books
G.3.2 Papers
G.3.3 Articles in magazines
G.3.4 Minor items and unpublished notes
G.4 The RGO after 1948
G.4.1 Books
G.4.2 Papers
G.4.3 Leaflets and other ephemeral items
G.4.4 Articles in books, journals and magazines
G.4.5 Unpublished articles
G.5 Isaac Newton Telescope and the Isaac Newton Group on La Palma
G.5.1 Books
G.5.2 Papers
G.5.3 Unpublished notes
G.6 Royal Observatory at the Cape & other overseas observatories
G.7 Obituaries and biographical articles about RGO staff
G.7.1 Obituaries
G.7.2 Biographical articles
G.7.3 Autobiographical articles
G.8 Miscellaneous aspects of RGO history
G.8.1 References re Neptune
G.8.2 References to the Magnetic Department
G.9 The Civil Service and conditions of service
G.10 Move of RGO to Cambridge and its closure
G.11 The Herstmonceux Science Centre
G.12 Items about RGO in house magazines of research councils
G.12.1 Quest
G.12.2 SRC/SERC Bulletin
G.12.3 Frontiers
G.12.4 Open Space


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