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Appendix C contains much general information about the grading of staff and such matters as hours of work, travel on duty and training. In addition it has a section about the role of women that includes brief notes about the careers of about two dozen of them. There are also lists of the honours awarded to staff, of marriages between members of the staff, and of the deaths of staff in service and later.

C.1 The staff of RGO before the move
C.1.1    The staff in 1946
C.1.2 The new structure of the Scientific Civil Service
C.2 General staff conditions
C.3 The Whitley Councils and trade union activities
C.3.1 Whitley Councils to 1965
C.3.2 Trade Union activities from 1965
C.4 Women in the RGO at Herstmonceux Castle
C.4.1 Appointments
C.4.2 Observing
C.4.3 Sports and social activities
C.4.4 Marriages
C.4.5 Notes on some individuals
C.5 Staff conditions in more detail
C.5.1 Hours and leave
C.5.2 Home-to-duty transport
C.5.3 Travel and subsistence on duty
C.5.4 Attendance at RAS meetings
C.5.5 Foreign service allowance
C.6 Staff training
C.7 Long-service staff
C.8 Honours
C.8.1 Civil honours
C.8.2 Scientific and technical awards
C.9 Duty overseas
C.10 Vacation students
C.11 Sandwich students and short-term appointments
C.11.1 In NAO
C.11.2 In other departments
C.12 List of marriages between RGO staff
C.13 Deaths of RGO staff
C.13.1 Deaths of RGO staff while in service after 1948
C.13.2 Deaths of staff who retired or transferred, 1948 to 1998
C.13.3 Deaths of former RGO staff after closure (from November 1998)
C.14 Notes on individuals


Download: Appendix C pages 41 - 67;  189 Kbytes