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Appendix F contains lists of the series of publications produced by the RGO, but it makes no attempt to list the individual papers that were published by the staff. These are listed for some years in the annual reports. One section contains notes on selected items in the later annual reports that are relevant to this personal history, while another contains a list of the articles in the last issue of the house journal spectrum.

F.1 Series of publications by the RGO (except NAO)
F.2 Other publications by the RGO (except NAO)
F.3 Publications by H.M. Nautical Almanac Office
F.4 Internal 'publications' at Herstmonceux
F.5 Notes on RGO Annual Reports 1974-1987
F.6 Contents list of the last issue of spectrum in 1998


Download: Appendix F pages 98 - 105;  134 Kbytes