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Appendix B contains a collection of short notes about Spencer Jones, Richard Woolley and Thomas Gold, together with a few notes on other topics.

B.1 Notes about Sir Harold Spencer Jones
B.2 Notes about Sir Richard Woolley
B.2.1    Woolley on British participation in space research
B.2.2 Woolley and Australia
B.2.3 A letter to Professor McCrea by G A Wilkins
B.3 Notes about Dr Thomas Gold
B.3.1 A note on Gold from EOS
B.3.2 A note on Gold by G A Wilkins to Janet Dudley
B.4 Closure of the Chronometer Workshop
B.5 Notes on Herstmonceux village and the surrounding area
B.6 The Transformation of Herstmonceux Castle in the 1990s


Download: Appendix B pages 31 - 40;  140 Kbytes